Notable Quotables - 07/25/1988




"For months the Sandinistas have been trying to influence favorably U.S. public opinion by being flexible, permitting democracy. But now the Sandinistas simply say flexibility is not working, and they will adopt a harder line."
- NBC's Ed Rabel on July 12, after the Sandinistas expelled the U.S. Ambassador, arrested demonstrators, closed down La Prensa and Radio Catolica.


Campaign '88


"But that is also Bush's challenge: convincing workers displaced in the changing American economy that he can put compassion into Reaganomics."
- Reporter Jacqueline Adams, CBS Evening News, July 1.

"On reporters who continued to ask about his Vice-Presidential selection process and why it seems to be dragging on, Dukakis said, 'I love picking people, I enjoy this process. It is an important choice, and I'm going to make it.' Vice President Bush also did a bit of campaigning today, but according to reporters present, didn't say anything noteworthy."
- Sam Donaldson, World News Sunday, July 10.

"In Texas, Bentsen comes from the same conservative, Democratic faction that produced Lyndon Johnson."
- Reporter Ken Bode, NBC Nightly News, July 12.

"Lloyd Bentsen, the 67-year-old, conservative, Texas Democrat."
- Sam Donaldson, World News Tonight, July 12.

"Dukakis Wants to Play by the Rules: What's so unnerving about a candidate who has actually read the Rio Treaty?"
- Time magazine, July 18.


Democratic National Convention


"Didn't the Democrats read the Ronald Reagan 1980 handbook as Reagan in '80 tried to blur the fact he was a conservative. He tried to disguise his ideology to some extent, didn't run very firmly on the issues, and won."
- Lesley Stahl to Bush campaign manager Lee Atwater, July 24 Face the Nation.

"Jesse Jackson got what every terrorist demands: ten million dollars and a plane."
- Pat Buchanan on the McLaughlin Group, July 23.

"Today's Jane Pauley, perky as ever on her Wednesday morning broadcast, has resilience. She arose for work at 4 a.m., as usual, after having stayed up until the wee hours. The compelling draw to keep her out late Tuesday night? Visiting the convention. 'I'm a Jesse fan,' she says."
- USA Today, July 21.

"Jesse Jackson succeeded in conducting a brilliant presidential campaign in which he enlisted white support as well as black support...and conducted a mainstream campaign."
- Walter Cronkite, July 20.

"He [Jackson] has become here, a kind of new, he's acquired a new status. He's almost like Hubert Humphrey was, a sort of conscience of the country."
- Eric Sevareid during CBS News coverage, July 20.

"Also, by voting down the minority plank on no first use, they come out as strong on defense, they follow traditional American policy."
- Reporter Ed Bradley on CBS, July 19.

"Nobody almost is an old-fashioned liberal anymore in a sense of 'let's throw some money at a problem.'"
- Reporter Bruce Morton on CBS, July 19.

"This time, I think people are worried about the deficit, they're worried about the trade deficit, they want to spend more on their children, on schools, on education, on day care....I think there's more willingness to talk about and think about it [a tax increase]. I think the national mood is also swinging a away from 'greed is good' back toward 'we've got to do something about the least advantaged in our society."
- also Morton, same night.

"This is a party which is redefining itself in perhaps a less liberal way than the late President Kennedy's did in his lifetime."
- ABC's Peter Jennings July 19.

"Dukakis is basing his presidential campaign on the argument...a rational, competent manager is what this country needs. Friend, foe, or neutral almost all agree that this is the kind of presidency Michael Dukakis would bring to the White House."
- Reporter Jeff Greenfield during ABC News coverage, July 19.

"This mainstream lady."
- Morton on Texas Treasurer Ann Richards, July 18.

"She's a tough former county commissioner, and a die hard member of the liberal wing of the Texas party."
- Diane Sawyer, same network, one hour earlier.


Ed Meese


"Meese could still face a Justice Department investigation for non-criminal ethics violations. But meanwhile, since he was not indicted, he is now entitled to ask the taxpayers to pick up his legal bill for more than $250,000."
- Reporter Rita Braver, July 18 CBS Evening News.


Reagan Doctrine


"The speechwriters loved [Jack] Wheeler because he put meat on the bones of the Reagan rhetoric and brought it to life. He had been to the bush and returned with the good news that the Reagan fantasy of beating back communism around the world not only existed, but was alive and well on at least five major fronts."
- Boston Globe reporter Ben Bradlee Jr. in his book, Guts and Glory, The Rise and Fall of Oliver North.

Freudian Slip of the Month


"Wright Ethics Probe Stays in Shadows: Even 'Mock-Trial' Goes Largely Ignored"
- Washington Post, July 20.


- L. Brent Bozell III; Publisher
- Brent H. Baker, Tim Graham; Editors
- Jim Heiser, Richard Marois, Patrick Swan, Dorothy Warner; Media Analysts
- Cynthia Bulman; Administrative Assistant