Notable Quotables - 08/08/1988


Sam Donaldson


"You're a hero of mine."
- Texas Treasurer Ann Richards on the ABC News star. Quoted by The Washington Times, July 21.


Smear Story of the Week


Dan Rather: "When asked about orchestrated rumors that Dukakis is hiding something in his medical history, Mr. Reagan said quote, 'I'm not going to pick on an invalid.' Later, Mr. Reagan said he was just kidding...CBS News Chief Political Correspondent Bruce Morton has more about a nasty campaign getting nastier."
Morton: "Dan, this is a story about a rumor and how the news media were forced to cover it...LaRouchites are not the only ones pushing the story. Sources told CBS News Bush campaign staffers were urging reporters to look into it. And CBS itself was approached with the story by a member of the Reagan Administration. Former White House aide and now commentator Pat Buchanan is among those who did use it."
- CBS Evening News, August 3.

"Bruce Morton said tonight on CBS News that it looked like Buchanan and Reagan and all these others were in some kind of conspiracy. As you know, we learned that little story last night at about two hours before the show went on. I think Morton, and CBS and Dan Rather are behaving like surrogates for the Dukakis campaign."
- Pat Buchanan on CNN's Crossfire, August 3.

"Is President Reagan's remark about Michael Dukakis the beginning of a dirty campaign? Bob Beckel's analysis tonight at 11 on Eyewitness News Nightcast."
- WUSA-TV, Washington, announcer Mike Lewis, same day.

"Ronald Reagan called Dukakis an invalid yesterday, which in turn resurrected recent rumors that the Governor has been treated for clinical depression. Rumors reported in this conservative Sun Myung Moon owned newspaper, The Washington Times....The key question now is whether the Republicans have deliberately helped keep these rumors alive, and if so, is this just a preview of how downright dirty this campaign will get."
- ABC News reporter Joe Bergantino on story first published by The Boston Globe. Good Morning America, August 4.


Smear Story of the Week Before?


Reporter Bruce Morton: "In Louisville this morning Dukakis sharpened his attack, aiming directly at President Reagan."
Michael Dukakis: "Well there's an old Greek saying, 'the fish rots from the head first...'"
- CBS Evening News, July 30.




Michael Dukakis: "This is an issue of conscience-which has to be decided by the woman and the exercise of her beliefs-her conscience, and I think that represents the feelings of the vast majority of Americans."
Reporter Joe Bergantino: "Just one of several Dukakis positions that helps him with women voters"
- From July 24 ABC World News Sunday story.


The Economy


"Greenspan Sees Stable Rates"
- New York Times, July 14.

"Greenspan Signals Higher Interest Rates"
- Wall Street Journal, same day.

"Greenspan Warns of Inflation"
- Washington Post, same day.

"Greenspan expects growth, low inflation"
- Baltimore Sun, same day.

- Reprinted from The New Republic

"Jobs growth fuels fear of recession"
- USA Today, July 11.

"The Commerce Department today fired off a volley of reports that are positive about the shape of the U.S. economy. Its main forecasting gauge, the Index of Leading Indicators, showed the sharpest increase in 18 months, by jumping 1.4 percent in June. Factory orders in June rose five and one half percent, the biggest increase in 17 years, and sales of new homes in June was up 8.4 percent. Republicans hail the figures as proof Reaganomics is working, Democrats in effect argue that the cost to the future is what's important."
- Dan Rather, August 2.




"United Nations officers can't do much to insure the peace if the warring parties don't stop shooting....The problem is the mujaheddin still want an unconditional victory over the communist regime in Kabul when the Soviet troop withdrawal is completed next year."
- Peter Kent, NBC Nightly News, July 23.

Contra Aid


"Senate Democrats seek bipartisan arms package for Contras"
- The Washington Times, August 2.

"Contra-Aid Plan Meets Hill Resistance: Wright Sees House Unlikely 'to Resume the War'; Senate Still Divided"
- Washington Post, same day.


Oliver North


"North's speeches are a skillful blend of showmanship and demagoguery."
- Newsweek White House reporter Thomas DeFrank, August 1 issue.

"The further you get away from Washington, the more you know just how wonderful the American people are."
- Oliver North in same article.


Political Insight


"I've always avoided politics, because it seemed to be so complicated. But being here and listening to everything, I really understand it now. It's like a big agents' meeting."
- Family Ties star Justine Bateman on her experience at the Democratic National Convention, August 1 Time.


Quote of the Month


"I don't have to change my mind. There's no mind to change."
- Gary Hart when asked if he has changed his mind about anything in politics, during interview with WCVB-TV, Boston, on July 19. (Thanks to Micheal Waller, New London N.H.)


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