Notable Quotables - 08/17/1992


The Rush to Gush

"Delighted Democrats like to say of Clinton and Gore that theirs is a partnership where 1 plus 1 equals 5, and when Hillary Clinton and Tipper Gore are added to the equation, 2 plus 2 equals 10. And the power of their numbers does seem to multiply exponentially at times such as this afternoon, when the eight-bus caravan made a semi-impromptu stop at a rest area in Bowling Green, Mo."
- Washington Post reporter David Maraniss in an August 6 "Campaign Journal."


Gumbel Gets Tough on the Clinton Buscapade

"How's the trip going?....What's fun about jumping on a bus and wandering around through over 1,000 miles?"
- Today co-host Bryant Gumbel's first questions to Hillary Clinton and Tipper Gore, July 20.

"What are people responding to when they cheer you on this trip?"
- Gumbel's first question to Bill Clinton, July 22 Today.


Nasty Bush

"Are Democrats willing, even anxious, to be as nasty as the President is going to be?"
- Bryant Gumbel to Clinton consultant Bob Squier, August 10 Today.

"For longtime observers of the President, the portents, if still tenuous, were unmistakable. In an effort to persuade himself - as well as the nation - that he can honorably strike out at his Democratic foes, Bush peppered his remarks with the same self- defensive rationales that preceded the savage evisceration of Michael S. Dukakis."
- Boston Globe reporter John Aloysius Farrell, August 10 front page story.

"In 1988 Bush promised `no new taxes,' but the television picture of Willie Horton also helped secure his victory. Now gay groups are convinced that they have replaced black convicts in the Republican demonology....The ad was effective, but its sour aftertaste and the wounds opened by the Los Angeles riots have made it trickier for Republicans to appeal to racial fears."
- Time Associate Editor Priscilla Painton, August 3.


Reagan in Houston: Big Mistake?

"[Bush] is about to make matters worse by hauling out Ronald Reagan at the Republican convention. Reagan has become a symbol of what went wrong in the '80s. It's like bringing the Music Man back to River City, a big mistake."
- Newsweek reporter Eleanor Clift on The McLaughlin Group, July 31.


No Hard Left In New York, But in Houston...

"People like to razz the Democrats because their delegates are often so much more liberal than the public at large. Well, the converse is true of the Republicans, that their delegates are often much more conservative than the public at large, particularly the majority of the country that they have to have to win. So the problem, I think, could be that they come out with such a sharp-edged, hard-right message that it will be alienating to voters at large, and they're going to have to figure out how to moderate that."
- Wall Street Journal reporter Michel McQueen, August 10 Fox Morning News.

"Archconservative Patrick Buchanan, who launched a primary battle against a President he called `King George,' will get some official face time at this month's GOP convention."
- CNN anchor Patrick Greenlaw, August 3 Inside Politics '92.


Cornering Quayle

"I think he [Dan Quayle] has failed consistently to break out of this terrible reputation he has, and I think at the convention that's going to be reinforced basically by us in the media."
- U.S. News & World Report Senior Writer Kenneth T. Walsh, August 10 Fox Morning News.

"Anders' film is a compassionate meditation on the desperate lengths to which poverty-ridden decency must go to preserve itself. As such, it makes ruminations on this subject [single mothers] by the likes of Dan Quayle look supremely irrelevant. She's talking reality; they're talking country club theory."
- Time movie critic Richard Schickel reviewing the movie Gas Food Lodging, August 17.


Tax Those Gun-Toting Yahoos

"Now, this is a free country and I'm not suggesting we deprive our citizens of their right to bear arms, one of our most cherished - and warped - personal liberties. But everybody knows freedom carries a price. So shouldn't the freedom to be a yahoo carry a slightly higher price? That higher price, levied in the form of, say, a $100 annual registration fee on the nation's 66-odd million legally registered handguns, could help fund a national health insurance system....The CBO figures that a 12- cent tax on motor fuels would raise $11 billion more a year... Why not collect the most money from those likely to cause the most damage? The operator of any muscle car, especially one with sequential neon space lights that illuminate the road beneath, should pay the full 12 cents. Double that for any truck or van equipped with a gun rack."
- U.S. News & World Report Senior Editor John Liscio, July 27.

Purple and Gay?

"A recurrent fantasy among gays has been that one day, unexpectedly, every homosexual and bisexual in America will wake up purple, and when friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers and other acquaintances see how many gays there are, and how many of these people already hold their trust, bigotry will vanish."
- Time Senior Writer William A. Henry III, August 3.

Ivy League Republican Time?

"These are the judgments not of Democratic partisans but of correspondents for Time, a magazine that over the years has often been identified with precisely the same establishmentarian, Ivy League Republicanism with which Bush himself is most comfortable."
- Washington Post literary critic Jonathan Yardley reviewing Marching In Place: The Status Quo Presidency of George Bush by Time White House reporters Michael Duffy and Dan Goodgame, August 9 "Book World" section.

Shopping Malls or Death

"Shopping malls and rampant consumerism are killing the planet, according to a new study by Worldwatch Institute. The study cites wealthy nations, like the U.S., as doing the most damage. The study found the U.S. has more shopping malls than it does high schools. And it singled out a huge mall being built in Bloomington, Minnesota that is expected to draw more visitors than the Vatican or Mecca. The study says such consumption caused more environmental damage than anything except the population boom."
- CNN World News anchor David French, July 25.

Imagining Life at CBS

"One envisages the news editor just minutes before Dan Rather is to go on the air reviewing the lead story for the CBS Evening News: `Perfect! Not one word is accurate. Not one statistic is true or informative. We'll go with it! This is news! The illusions of our time remain intact!'"
- American Spectator Editor-in-Chief R. Emmett Tyrrell in his book The Conservative Crack-Up.


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