Notable Quotables - 08/19/1991


ABC Sports Shines Up Castro

"But there are many Cubans who find their lives much better here than before the revolution. Medical care is free. Education is also state-funded. Cuba's 97 percent literacy rate is among the highest in the world."
- ABC Sports announcer Brent Musburger on the pre-Pan Am games special Fidel Castro: One on One, July 27.

"You have brought a new system of government, obviously, to Cuba, but the Cuban people do, I think, think of you as their father. One day you're going to retire. Or one day, all of us die. Won't there be a great vacuum there? Won't there be something that will be difficult to fill? Can they do it on their own?"
- ABC Sports announcer Jim McKay interviewing Fidel Castro, same program.


No Trouble In Paradise

"Young Cubans increasingly see themselves as the last idealists in a world that cares only about money....Ninety miles away in Miami, Cuban emigres wish for Fidel's imminent collapse, but the island's university students who volunteer to take a two-week 'vacation' in the fields don't see trouble brewing in Paradise."
- Time reporter Cathy Booth, August 12.


Different D'Amatos

"D'Amato Cleared After Senate Inquiry"
- Los Angeles Times, August 3

"Senate ethics panel rebukes D'Amato"
- Boston Globe, same day


More Sad East German Women

"Ten months after the new Germany merged, women in the eastern sector are coming to the stunning realization that, in many ways, democracy has set them back 40 years."
- Los Angeles Times staff writer Tamara Jones, August 6.


Anti-Abortion Thugs Turn Back the Clock

"My goat is Attorney General Thornburgh. He allowed the Justice Department to side with those thugs in Kansas that are preventing women from getting abortions."
- Boston Globe reporter Michael K. Frisby describing his "Goat of the Week" on Fox's talk show Off the Record, August 11.

"Will the Supreme Court turn back the clock to the days before Roe vs. Wade? Most believe it will."
- NBC reporter Lisa Myers on Today, August 14.

America Second

Pat Buchanan: "If there was information you could have gotten out that could have saved scores, hundreds of American lives, you wouldn't have transmitted that information?"
Peter Arnett: "I wouldn't have transmitted that information. I would not have gotten that information in the first place. But I would not have transmitted it. I was in Baghdad because I was a correspondent for CNN, which has no political affiliations with the U.S. government, thank goodness."
- Exchange on CNN's Crossfire, August 2.


High Taxes, High Moral Ground

"Gov. Lowell P. Weicker Jr. climbed toward the moral high ground today as he told Connecticut why he was vetoing, for the third time, a budget that does not include an income tax....A continued fiscal crisis and an ever deeper deficit may yet give Connecticut no alternative to an income tax as a long-term solution. But Mr. Weicker's four-year assignment is governing, and standing alone on the high ground in August is not likely to make the next three years any easier."
- Beginning and end of story by New York Times reporter George Judson, August 8.


More Government Needed

"The numbers [on the economy]...should provoke discussion about fundamental changes in economic policy, including a move toward priming the pump, a current taboo....Where is the cry for big public spending programs? Change the name to government investment, I would add, and start getting Americans to understand what a payoff the right kind of public spending could have."
- NBC business correspondent Jeff Madrick in the August 14 New York Times.


Blaming the Dead

Faith Daniels: "Matzo crackers are not taxed, but matzo bread is."
Bryant Gumbel: "A little bizarre. They say it will raise $234 million in taxes though."
Ann Curry: "Absolutely."
Gumbel: "Needed revenue. See, if they hadn't gotten in bed with Howard Jarvis, they would never had started that thing anyway."
- July 23 Today discussion of new California sales tax on snack foods.


Paying for the Evil '80s

"On our Dollar Signs segment this morning, how to get a loan in the '90s. The '80s were the decade of greed, the era of too-easy credit, hostile takeovers, corporate raids, and merger mania. Now the signs of the '80s are being paid for by the borrowers of the '90s, who find themselves facing lenders who have become very tight-fisted all of a sudden."
- NBC Today news anchor Faith Daniels, July 23.


Soviets Suffer From Freedom

"True, this is the [Soviet film] industry created by such giants of cinema as Sergei Eisenstein, but it became better known as a propaganda machine, turning out happy tales of collective farm life. Now commercialism is imposing a new kind of censorship on young directors like Andrei Malukov."
- CBS reporter Anthony Mason on the July 29 Evening News.

No More Press Pools

"I'm a radical on this. I don't think there should be any [media-military] agreements. In the case of Grenada, for instance, they should have just launched their boats toward the island and said to the American military, 'If you want to fire on us and sink a bunch of unarmed American reporters, then fine. But we're here to do our job.'"
- Newsweek media critic Jonathan Alter in the recently released Gannett Foundation report The Media At War.


Declaration of Divorce

"The Declaration of Independence, which may be the most momentous divorce document in history, gave added legitimacy to what was already a venerable institution....divorce is indeed a great evil and a source of much suffering. But then so is the institution that generates it - marriage, especially marriage under conditions of gross inequality between the sexes."
- Time essayist and Democratic Socialists of America Vice Chair Barbara Ehrenreich in The New York Times Magazine, July 21.


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- Brent H. Baker, Tim Graham; Editors
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