Notable Quotables - 08/21/1989


Economic Doom & Gloom

"Sluggish is the word several analysts were using today, explaining why they're not convinced the economy is out of danger. As long as economic growth stays slow-and consumer spending, housing, and industrial output-recession is a risk that won't disappear."
- CBS News reporter Richard Roth, August 11 Evening News.

"The danger is that as the economy picks up, it could become too much of a good thing. Borrowing and buying by consumers could become excessive. Prices and interest rates could take off. The problems would again become how to avoid a hard landing."
- Irving R. Levine on NBC Nightly News, same night.


Economic Boom

"So for now we may really have the best of both worlds. Lower inflation should help a consumer's dollar go further at the cash register. And economists say a pick up in retail sales should be strong enough to keep the economy growing, but not so strong that inflation heats up all over again."
- Reporter Steven Aug on ABC's World News Tonight, same night.


Margaret Thatcher's Husband

"His almost flawless public performance is all the more admirable for hiding his true nature: short-fused, outspoken, arch-conservative....Denis' detractors argue that his influence on his wife merely reinforces her prejudices."
- Reporter William Mader in Time magazine, August 14 issue.

Jesse Helms and the Arts

"Helms, a longtime foe of the NEA [National Endowment for the Arts], hopes to use the McCarthyite tactic of intimidation by implied association to convince his Senate colleagues that anyone not in favor of his overtly fascistic NEA-controlled legislation must be an anti-American, child-molesting pornography aficionado."
- David A. Ross, Director of the Institute for Contemporary Art, in the August 5 Boston Globe.

"In short, what the [Helms] amendment proposes is a loony parody of cultural democracy in which everyone becomes his or he own Cato the Censor. Clearly, Jesse Helms has no doubt that the NEA must be punished if it strays from what he fancies to be the center line of American ethical belief. The truth is, of course, that no such line exists-not in a society as vast, various and eclectic as the real America...Our problem, despite conservative rant, is too little government support for the arts, not too much."
- Time art critic Robert Hughes in an August 14 essay.

"Arts and public broadcasting advocates cast any questioning of federal financing as an assault on the Temples of Culture by the Huns. Like all groups feeding at the federal trough, they've created a rhetoric equating their self-interest with the national interest."
- Newsweek columnist Robert Samuelson, August 21.


Ann Landers

"For years I have fought to abolish Saturday-night specials and those cop-killing bullets that explode on impact. I have taken a strong stand against the church or state telling women what they can and cannot do with their bodies."
- Ann Landers in an August 21 interview with Time magazine's Elizabeth Taylor.


Blaming America First

"If it were not for U.S. government policy, if it had not been for the U.S. government support of the Israeli invasion, which led to all those kidnappings, no American ever would have been kidnapped in Lebanon. No Americans ever were kidnapped in Lebanon before the Israeli invasion and it's something worth bearing in mind."
- ABC News Mideast correspondent Charles Glass on Good Morning America, August 4.


Where Have You Been?

"In small home strategy meetings, abortion rights supporters are preparing to do what they have never done before: to play political hardball."
- Reporter Phil Jones on the August 2 CBS Evening News.


Reporter for Abortion

"'To me, the struggle for abortion rights is as important to women as the struggle against slavery,' says a Chicago Tribune reporter. 'This isn't about whether they're going to build some bridge downtown. This is about my body.'"
- Unidentified reporter quoted in August 14 Time article by Laurence Zuckerman.


King for a Day

"If I were really King I'd....Allow every citizen the choice of what to do with his or her own body....Build a fitting permanent memorial to I.F. Stone, a truly genuine hero....Place the Presidential wand on Mario Cuomo's shoulder and make him give it a shot....Make ozone layers and acid rain and all that yuck go away somewhere."
- Mutual Broadcasting and CNN host Larry King in USA Today, August 7.


Gorbachev's Rule of Law

"For President Mikhail Gorbachev, it represents both a bold affirmation of his goal of creating a society governed by law..."
- Time's John Kohan describing Gorbachev's reaction to protest movements in the Baltic republics, August 21.


Yearning for Dukakis

"I'd much rather have Dukakis than Bush as President today."
- Boston Globe reporter Scot Lehigh in the July/August Bostonia magazine.


Dissolving the Contras

"The Presidents negotiated the dissolution of the Nicaraguan Contras, a force that to many Central Americans symbolized U.S. arrogance and interference during the 1980's."
- Time Associate Editor Jill Smolowe, August 21.


Washington Post on Massachusetts Politics: Version One

"Andrew H. Card Jr., deputy to White House Chief of Staff John H. Sununu....will announce today that he will not be a candidate for the GOP nomination for Governor of Massachusetts."
- Post reporter Maralee Schwartz, August 2.

Washington Post on Massachusetts Politics: Version Two

"Another likely Republican candidate, Andrew H. Card Jr...."
- From a Post story on Massachusetts, two days later.


- L. Brent Bozell III; Publisher
- Brent H. Baker, Tim Graham; Editors
- Jim Heiser, Richard Marois, Patrick Swan, Dorothy Warner; Media Analysts
- Cynthia Bulman; Administrative Assistant