Notable Quotables - 09/04/1989


Barney Frank


"I've known Barney Frank since I was in college. He's a man of surpassing integrity that I've never known to be questioned. I think he's a master politician, which people forget. He's also a magnificent Congressman, and above all, there is nothing in this episode that counters any of those other images, and I would expect him to survive this smear in good standing."
- Boston Globe Washington Bureau reporter and columnist Tom Oliphant on Inside Washington, August 26.

"SEX SCANDAL PERILS FRANK: Back home, constituents reconsider"
- Washington Times, August 31.

"For Now, Constituents Supporting Rep. Frank"
- Washington Post, same day.


More Troubling Good News

"There was some welcome economic news today. Strong improvement in this country's trade deficit...It was the smallest deficit in almost five years. However, some economists are warning that the deficit could get worse as exports suffer from the rising value of the dollar on the world markets these days."
- Tom Brokaw on NBC Nightly News, August 17.


First Things First

"Global warming is not a fact, just a widely held theory. The problem is if man waits for proof, it may be too late."
- CNN's Don Harrison narrating the conclusion to the CNN special Climate In Crisis, August 1.


Cold War Riddles

"What do you call a conservative in the age of Mikhail Gorbachev? Not a liberal, but maybe a has-been-or an ostrich. Yes, a crackdown in Eastern Europe would quickly make hard-liners seem prudent again. For now, though, their cherished ideas are looking a little shopworn."
- Newsweek Senior Writer Jonathan Alter, September 4.


Bush & Blacks

"Okay, you've said the niceties. Now let's talk about what he really said, and what he didn't say. He didn't offer any resources to correct the problem. Are you disappointed?....He offered no legislative action to address the void left by recent Supreme Court rulings. You disappointed?....On the one hand, he says he's committed to black opportunity, at the same time he applauds all the recent Supreme Court rulings that were against that very opportunity. Are you sure where he is?"
- NBC Today host Bryant Gumbel's questions to Urban League head John Jacob, August 9.


Still Slinging the Sleaze Factor

"Mr. Attorney General, conventional wisdom here in Washington has it that you and your department are too busy dealing with what's leftover from the Reagan Administration - those scandals - to do the rest of your work. For example, there's the HUD scandal, there's the Pentagon procurement fraud. Do you ever go to work and get angry and frustrated and think about the mess that you inherited?...Are you just appalled by what happened during the Reagan years?"
- White House reporter John Cochran on NBC's Meet the Press, August 20.


Reagan & Racism

"At the same time, some experts said, years in which the Reagan Administration questioned the value of racial quotas and affirmative action made speaking out against such programs acceptable. This, they contend, made it easier for racists to openly express their attitudes. Groups like the Klan and the Skinheads have both begun targeting the young for recruitment."
- Kirk Johnson in The New York Times, August 27.


Homeless Exaggeration

"A new research report is warning that homelessness in this country could easily double or triple if there is a mild recession. Current estimates on the number of homeless people in the United States range from about 655,000 to four million, and the study by researchers at Rutgers University says the total is growing 20 to 40 per cent each year. It says there now are up to 40 million Americans living on the knife edge of homelessness, many of them just one paycheck, one domestic argument from the streets."
- Anchor Lou Waters on CNN PrimeNews, August 8.


Poland Comparisons

"You don't have people starving there, as you do in some countries in the West. You don't have people sleeping out in the streets, as I see them doing in New York, but you've got a life of safe mediocrity."
- Bert Quint on CBS Sunday Morning, August 20.


Enforcing Drug Stereotypes

"It's very interesting, Mr. Bennett, in your entire description of why people use drugs, you didn't use the word poverty; you didn't use the word underprivileged; you didn't use the word black or hispanic or poor white. Are you really such a hardnose that you don't believe this has anything to do with it?"
- New York Times reporter R.W. Apple speaking to Drug Czar William Bennett on NBC's Meet the Press, August 27.


Bush Ambassadors

"Rewarding a political supporter by naming him ambassador to a desirable foreign capital is a tradition almost as old as the Republic...Still, the Bush Administration is carrying tradition to an extreme. Evidence shows that so far Bush's ambassadorial appointees are more political and, in many cases, less qualified than any in recent memory."
- Reporter Lisa Myers on NBC Nightly News, August 7.

"A study by Government Executive magazine says nearly two thirds of Mr. Bush's nominees are political appointments, not career diplomats. But a study by State Department officials shows that Mr. Bush reappointed most of the career diplomats already holding ambassadorships. Counted that way, the Bush political nominees account for 36 percent of American diplomats, only slightly higher than the historical average."
- ABC's John Martin on Nightline, July 24.


Moral Equivalent of the Founding Fathers?

"Watching the Supreme Soviet invent itself is a little like speed-reading the Federalist Papers."
- Moscow reporter Bill Keller in The New York Times Magazine, August 27.


Eulogy for a Socialist

"Most lasting, I think, are not his organizational efforts....What will endure is his writing, his scholarship...But as in most of Harrington's writing, the scholarly research and analysis is merely the foundation upon which rests a call for a new sensibility, for a new moral order, for new political and economic structures that would improve the everyday lives of people throughout the world...His admirers feel privileged that Michael Harrington shared his vision with us."
- Kirk Scharfenberg, Deputy Managing Editor of The Boston Globe, in a tribute to "Harrington's Heroic Brand of Socialism," August 20.


- L. Brent Bozell III; Publisher
- Brent H. Baker, Tim Graham; Editors
- Jim Heiser, Richard Marois, Patrick Swan, Dorothy Warner; Media Analysts
- Cynthia Bulman; Administrative Assistant