Notable Quotables - 09/05/1988


Campaign '88: Quayle


"Although Quayle survived the initial storm, there were strong indications that the Quayle factor could haunt the Republican team right through Nov. 8."
- Senior Writer Walter Shapiro in Time magazine, August 29.

"His academic record is mediocre, his memory (just how did he get into the National Guard?) is mediocre, his honesty (he fudged his resume) is mediocre, and his judgment (who would go off on a golfing weekend, however innocent, with two pals and a female lobbyist?) is mediocre."
- NBC News President Michael Gartner in The Wall Street Journal, September 1.

"There's a double standard, as well as hypocrisy aplenty, starkly evident in the media's penetrating national look at one man's Vietnam war dilemma....Among the scores of journalists of the Vietnam generation that I know, I can think of no more than six, myself included, who went to Vietnam."
- Boston Globe Washington Bureau reporter Walter V. Robinson in the Globe's "Focus" section, August 28.

"Quayle's Guard unit had vacancy"
- USA Today, page one, August 24.

"Allegations Called 'Lies' By Quayle: Indiana Guard Overstrength When Candidate Joined"
- The Washington Post, page one, same day.


Campaign '88: Dukakis


"If eventually Dukakis reaches the presidency of the United States and has the opportunity and capacity to implement the policy he has announced during the Democratic Convention, very important foundations would be laid....that constitutes hope for the Latin American peoples, including Nicaragua."
- Statements by Sandinista dictator Daniel Ortega collected by Washington Times reporter John McCaslin.

John McLaughlin: "What do you think of Ortega's implicit endorsement of Michael Dukakis this week?"
Jack Germond: "George Bush has the endorsement of Jerry Falwell. I think it's a trade off."
- exchange on the McLaughlin Group, August 13.

Dukakis campaign chairman Paul Brountas: "I think that what you have in Governor Dukakis is a progressive."
George Will: "Progressive's a label. Why do you like that label and not the label liberal?"
Brountas: "Well, because I think it is more accurate."
Will: "What's inaccurate about the word liberal as applied to Michael Dukakis?"
Brountas: "Well, because it carries a lot of baggage these days."
- exchange on This Week with David Brinkley, August 21.

"I felt it was misguided and the wrong thing for the United States to do, and ultimately history has proven it."
- Michael Dukakis on the Vietnam War, in a report by ABC's Joe Bergantino, World News Saturday, August 20.

"Sometimes he gives me the impression that he's opposed to every new weapons system since the slingshot."
- George Bush on Michael Dukakis, August 29.


Reagan Legacy


"As his Presidency draws to a close, Ronald Reagan's relationship with the American news media remains as charmed as ever. What will the press do when it doesn't have Reagan to fawn over anymore? Television journalists in particular may be sorry to see him go, judging from the celebratory coverage they accorded him at the Republican convention last week....Upon Reagan's ascension to power, the media quickly settled into a posture of accommodating passivity from which they never completely arose....the American media have shown little stomach for sustained, aggressive reporting on the Reagan administration."
- Freelance writer and The New Yorker contributor Mark Hertsgaard in The Washington Post "Outlook" section, August 21.




"It was, in fact, a significant moment in the Dukakis campaign, a frontal engagement of the Vice President on an issue yet to be explored, or exploited, politically."
- Reporter Jim Wooten on Dukakis' Iran/Contra campaign speech, ABC's World News Tonight, August 30.


Sam Donaldson


"You'd better be glad I'm leaving the White House beat in November, because if Bush gets elected, I'd savage him."
- ABC White House correspondent Sam Donaldson, at the Republican Convention, according to Newsweek's "Overheard" column, August 29.


Last Temptation of Christ


"You do not have to lift the sewer cap to know what is in the sewer."
- Pat Buchanan when asked by Tom Braden why he has not seen the film, August 10 Crossfire.


Quote of the Month


"Bill Moyers ordered two bomb commercials from the New York advertising firm of Doyle Dane Bernbach. He oversaw and approved their production....Those bomb commercials were the start of dirty political ads on television. It was the beginning of what I call electronic dirt...that ugly development in our political history. Over the years, I've watched Moyers appear on CBS News and the Public Broadcasting Service. He has lectured us on truth, the public trust, a fairer and finer America. He portrays himself as an honorable, decent American. Every time I see him, I get sick to my stomach and want to throw up."
- Barry Goldwater reflecting on Bill Moyers' role in his 1964 Presidential defeat, as quoted in The Wall Street Journal, August 15.


- L. Brent Bozell III; Publisher
- Brent H. Baker, Tim Graham; Editors
- Jim Heiser, Richard Marois, Patrick Swan, Dorothy Warner; Media Analysts
- Cynthia Bulman; Administrative Assistant