Notable Quotables - 09/27/1993


Dan's Tough Interview

"When you walked in it was pretty clear you were excited, but also a little nervous. Am I right about that?"

"Next week begins the hard, really hard chore of trying to sell this to Congress and you'll be the lead-off witness. Are you nervous about that?"

"You've been working hard already to introduce this plan to people, sell this plan to people. Are you having any fun with this or is it all just hard work? It looks to be very hard work."

"I hear you talking, and as I have before on this subject, I don't know of anybody, friend or foe, who isn't impressed by your grasp of the details of this plan. I'm not surprised because you have been working on it so long and listened to so many people. Is it possible, and I'm asking for your candid opinion, that when this gets through, whether it passes or not, that we will have reached a point when a First Lady, any First Lady, can be judged on the quality of her work?"

"Are you prepared to do as Vice President Gore did to sell one of his projects? Are you prepared to pay the ultimate price and go on David Letterman?"
- Some of Dan Rather's questions to Hillary Clinton, September 22 48 Hours health care special.


Universally Behind Universal Health Care?

"I think people now universally agree there should be an entitlement, a right to health care."
- Newsweek reporter Eleanor Clift on The McLaughlin Group, September 18.

"The Clinton plan is surprisingly persuasive in supporting the longtime claim of the Clintons, and their top health care strategist, Ira Magaziner, that reform can be almost entirely from savings, without broad-based new taxes and with enough left over to reduce the federal budget deficit."
- Time Washington Bureau Chief Dan Goodgame, September 20.


Reagan's Faked Tests

3 'Star Wars' Tests Rigged, Aspin Says
- Washington Post, September 10

Aspin denies US faked SDI test
- Boston Globe, same day


The Liberal's Biggest Insult: It's Like Reaganomics

"The President's blueprint for national health care reform is an ingenious document that, on paper at least, creates a rational health system. But from a financial standpoint, it is the biggest exercise in wishful thinking since President Reagan promised to cut taxes, increase defense spending and balance the budget more than a decade ago...Clinton would save an additional $51 billion by a bit of supply-side sleight of hand. The administration wants to try to `recapture' some of the savings enjoyed by private enterprise from health care reform."
- Newsweek economics writer Rich Thomas, September 20.

"One economist even warns that just as President Ronald Reagan put too much faith in the budgetary magic of supply-side economics, the `managed competition' Clinton wants to see in health care could turn out to be today's version of voodoo economics."
- Washington Post reporter Steven Pearlstein, September 19 front-page "news analysis."

"It was a rosy scenario that he laid out today reminiscent of the Reagan era. `You could pay for it through waste, fraud and abuse,' he said at one point."
- CBS News analyst and Newsweek Senior Editor Joe Klein on CBS after Clinton speech, September 22.


Wrong On Rush

"Perot is by no means the only NAFTA opponent. Organized labor, for the most part, opposes the agreement, as does a disparate group of other interests, from Ralph Nader and some environmental organizations to Jesse L. Jackson and conservative commentators Patrick J. Buchanan and Rush Limbaugh."
- Washington Post reporter Ann Devroy, September 15 news story.

"North American Free Trade Agreement. It's basically about free trade. There's a lot of fearmongering going on about this. There's a lot of demagoguery....Suffice to say, I am for it. And I think some of those who are against it are being disingenuous, maybe a little bit dishonest."
- Limbaugh on his TV show, the night before.


Those Horrendous Twelve Years

"We have seen in the past, during Reagan-Bush administration days, when huge slashes went through, when entire programs were dismantled, and what ends up being left sometimes in its wake is the sort of vacuum and chaos and even more problems than were there to begin with."
- CBS This Morning co-host Harry Smith responding to Pat Buchanan's criticism of the "Reinventing Government" report, September 8.

"When you talk about leaving a deposit, many people say that the Reagan-Bush administration, people on the other side of the political spectrum, did leave a negative deposit, or really, the opposite of a deposit. The federal budget quadrupled under that administration. They might say that greed and materialism was the norm then, and that social ills were largely ignored, and therefore only worsened as a result of that neglect."
- Today co-host Katie Couric to William F. Buckley Jr., September 20.


Needed: Top-Down Control

"The country's problem is twofold - the gross moral failure of a system that excludes 37 million Americans from even the most rudimentary health care coverage and leaves millions more under-insured; and the sustained and unsupportable rise in national health care spending. Health care costs, thanks to the chaotic growth of a delivery system that had never had top-down control, are eating the national lunch."
- Newsweek Senior Writer Tom Morganthau, September 20.


Evil Corporations Thrive In Free Market

"Americans often castigate individual companies but rarely question the competitive, free-market culture that gives companies huge, sometimes dangerous, power....But hubris and the abuse of power are numbingly familiar phenomena. Like so many one-company business books, these beg essential questions: Are IBM and P&G [Procter & Gamble] really filled with unusually arrogant or vile men? Or are they typical of a system that relies on the very slow hand of the market to mete out justice?"
- Newsweek General Editor Jolie Solomon, September 27.


Hurray for Family Leave

"After seven years, two presidential vetoes, and a whole lot of debate by congressional blowhards, the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 became a reality in February. The act's passage, after the arid years of pro-business Republican rule, finally recognizes the growing importance of women and families in the work force."
- Washington Post financial reporter Kara Swisher in the September/October Ms. magazine.


No, We Still Hate You

"The way I figure it, the far right in Israel hates this peace deal the same way the far right in the USA hated the fall of communism, because they both need to hate."
- CNN and Mutual Broadcasting System talk show host Larry King in his USA Today column, September 20.


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