Notable Quotables - 11/08/1993


Newsweek Pundits on the Election: Whoops

"Florio will win substantially. Whitman's offer of a 30 percent tax cut, she lost all credibility. Last year's hustle doesn't work. Supply-side economics is dead."
- Newsweek reporter Eleanor Clift, October 16 McLaughlin Group.

"Whitman tried a Ronald Reagan rerun and proposed a 30 percent tax cut. The lost revenue could be made up by cost-saving devices, such as no longer giving free Adidas sneakers to prison inmates. A decade after Reagan, New Jersey's voters aren't buying government by apocryphal anecdote."
- Clift in Newsweek, October 25.

"I think actually there's a big national consensus developing on a lot of things. People are for some limited gun the point where Jim Brady, the former White House press secretary, went up to New Jersey, he's a Republican, he went to New Jersey this week to campaign for the Democrat, Jim Florio, because he's for gun control. Florio's gotten on the right side of that issue."
- Newsweek Washington reporter Howard Fineman on CNN's Late Edition, October 24.


L.A. Fires Reflect Society's Neglect

"One of the fires was started by a homeless man trying to keep warm. It represents the strains in our society, from neglect to the nihilism, the `burn, baby' nihilism of people who actually go and start fires like this."
- Eleanor Clift, October 30 McLaughlin Group.


Economic Glory Years of the '70s?

"Adjusted for inflation, average hourly earnings show a startling picture. Income growth has been trending down for more than a decade...It wasn't always like this. There were glory years for the American paycheck, from 1947-1979, with the peak hitting in 1973...The U.S. economy shows some signs it may be perking up. Experts say, though, that it would have to continue for at least 2 or 3 years before the American paycheck could start returning to the glory years of the 1970s."
- Ray Brady, October 29 CBS Evening News.


Dumb Kids: Reagan's Fault

"Ronald Reagan began the push for a constitutional amendment limiting taxes; Proposition 13 succeeded in 1978, slashing property taxes 57 percent. The state's schools have never recovered."
- U.S. News & World Report Senior Editor Miriam Horn in the 60th anniversary section, October 25.


Connie: For More Than One Hillary

"If each person is unique, do we really want to make copies? And whom would we make copies of? It's horrifying to think of anyone having that kind of power. But since we're on the subject, here goes. Howard Stern? We think one is more than enough. Paul Newman? He's clone-able. Ross Perot? He seems to be everywhere as it is. Hillary Rodham Clinton? Mmm, yeah."
- Connie Chung discussing cloning on Eye to Eye, October 28.


Clinton's Free Market Health Plan

"Woven through the 1,300-page health plan is a liberal's passion to help the needy, a conservative's faith in free markets and a politician's focus on the middle class."
- Washington Post reporters Steven Pearlstein and Dana Priest, October 28.


Valiantly Defending Her Misconception

Julie Johnson, Time Washington reporter: "I live in the Maryland suburbs, but I've been working in the city for eight years. I've never heard that gun ownership is illegal in the District of Columbia."
Cragg Hines, Houston Chronicle: "It is."
Bill Eaton, Los Angeles Times: "Except by permit."
Johnson: "By permit - but that's owning. I mean you can own a gun that's permitted."
Hines: "But I believe D.C. has one of the toughest gun control laws..."
Johnson: "Well, but that is not the same. I think we should be clear as saying it is illegal to own a gun in the District of Columbia - that is not a true statement."
- C-SPAN's Journalists' Roundtable, October 22. (Since 1977 it has been illegal for anyone but a law enforcement officer to obtain a handgun in D.C.)


Why No Coverage of Clinton's Views on Gays in '92?

"We're liberal. When Clinton says he'll fight for gay rights or rescind the ban [on gays in the military], we're hearing some-thing that doesn't sound outlandish to us at all. In fact, it sounded reasonable. It sounded fair."
- Knight-Ridder Washington bureau editor Vicki Gowler, quoted by former Knight-Ridder reporter Carl Cannon in the premiere issue of Forbes Media Critic.

Time: Still Plugging Gas Tax Hikes

"When Clinton's `Climate Change Action Plan' finally debuted last week, environmentalists could muster only faint praise...there are two major omissions: the plan does nothing to raise auto fuel-economy standards, and it contains no energy-tax hikes to boost conservation."
- Time Associate Editor Michael D. Lemonick, November 1.


Speaking of "Usual Suspects"....

"The usual suspects lined up with Packwood - Alan Simpson, Jesse Helms, Arlen Specter, et cetera. Will they be hurt by a vote that Patty Murray tried to characterize as a with-us-or-agin-us women's rights vote?"
- Today co-host Bryant Gumbel on the Packwood diaries vote, Nov. 3. (In her book Inside Today, former Today producer Judy Kessler charged Gumbel with feeling for women's bras and making crude remarks.)


Never Mind China, North Korea, Vietnam....

"No. 3-rated CBS This Morning said Monday that it's sending rising star Giselle Fernandez to Cuba to broadcast live Nov. 3 through Nov. 5. Fernandez...will report on conditions from the world's only communist state."
- USA Today's "Inside TV" section by writer Peter Johnson, October 26.


A Jonestown In Each of Us?

"But on Law and Order they do have inner cerebral lives of the richest complexity. Their scars glow in the dark. Watch Chris Noth at the shocking end of Wednesday's episode. Look at Moriarty's face. It's not just that all the craziness in the world can't be blamed on fundamentalist Muslims or Shining Path or Khmer Rouge. But Jonestown and My Lai are everywhere. It's also that there's a Jonestown in each of us."
- CBS Sunday Morning TV critic John Leonard, October 31.


Rather's Weather

"Unlike the Santa Ana winds fueling the flames in California, look what the wind blew in here today in Texas. It may not be much, but it's the first snow of the season, and record cold dropping into the Texas panhandle. Down here we call it a blue northern, nothing between Houston and a barbed wire fence - the North Pole."
- Dan Rather on the October 29 CBS Evening News.


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