Notable Quotables - 11/28/1988


Campaign '88 Reviews

"Bush won by default, and by fouls. His 'mandate' is to ignore the threats to our economy, sustain the Reagan heritage of let's pretend, and serve as figurehead for what America has become, a frightened empire hiding its problems from itself."
- Conclusion of November 21 Time article by Gary Wills.

"After the 1988 campaign, no one can any longer argue that network news reflects a 'liberal bias.' and large...are indeed a bunch of liberals. But their ideological slant has worked against any 'liberal bias' by the TV news, as reporters bend over backwards not to seem at all critical of Republicans."
- Johns Hopkins University instructor Mark Crispin Miller, in The New York Times, November 16.


Dan Quayle


"Top Bush aides dismiss [Quayle] as a good guy, but naive....they worry that he will listen too much to conservatives, and they worry about the influence of Marilyn Quayle, by all accounts more ideologically conservative than her husband ....Most people expect that Dan Quayle, unlike recent Vice Presidents, will not be given major responsibilities. Bush advisors hope that Quayle will cooperate and become completely irrelevant."
- Andrea Mitchell, NBC Nightly News, Nov. 11.

"The presidential election isn't over. The Electoral College will meet on December 19 to elect the next President and Vice President....It is the responsibility of the 538 members of the electoral college to dump Quayle."
- Georgetown University professor Theodore Reuter in The Boston Globe, November 25.


Phil Donahue


"We are dangerously close to being referred to as an intelligent talk show. If that happens, we're doomed. Please do not call me 'intelligent.' Call me 'outrageous.' I'd rather have it be suggested that we occasionally go too far, and I'd rather be called 'sleazy' than to be identified as 'intelligent.'"
- Phil in an interview with Tom Shales, November 18 Washington Post.


John Sununu


- New York Times, November 18.

"Bush taps 'right man'- Sununu"
- Washington Times, same day.


Ethics Bill


"The Reagan Administration has been repeatedly accused of playing loose with government ethics. And the announcement of this pocket veto while the country is distracted by the Thanksgiving holiday is bound to renew charges of sleaze."
- ABC's Jeanne Meserve, concluding a November 23 World News Tonight story.


Time Magazine: Version One


"The prison-furlough policy used by Massachusetts went beyond the bounds of common sense. Unlike other states and the federal government...Massachusetts granted weekend furloughs to convicts whom judges had condemned to remain behind bars until they died. Horton is precisely the sort of criminal that people have in mind when they say someone should lock him up and throw away the key."
- Time, November 14, page 20.


Time Magazine: Version Two


"More troubling was the fact that both the print and broadcast press frequently failed to point out the distortions....While many news organizations reported Bush's charge that Massachusetts furloughed a first-degree murderer named Willie Horton, who proceeded to rape a woman while on leave, few pointed out that the program had been instituted under a Republican Governor and that many states, including Calif-ornia under Governor Reagan, had similar furlough programs.
- page 71, same issue!


"Many," "Some," & "Experts" Say Raise Taxes


"Stocks nosedived, in part because investors are worried that George Bush's 'no new taxes' pledge may prevent him from reducing the deficit."
- substitute anchor Ted Koppel on ABC's World News Tonight, November 11.

"While many Wall Streeters voted for Mr. Bush, some see no way the President-elect can cut the deficit and keep some of his other election promises without a tax increase."
- Reporter Ray Brady, CBS Evening News, November 11.

"Experts say Mr. Bush's hard line [on taxes] has led investors to cast an early vote of no confidence in the new President's willingness to sop up American red ink."
- Reporter Candy Crowley, CNN PrimeNews, November 13.

"Many think taming the deficit, widely perceived as the real problem here [in the financial markets], is all but impossible without some new taxes."
- Frank Sesno, CNN PrimeNews, November 17.


Christmas Sales 1


"Retailers...already are slashing prices on everything from apparel to appliances as the holiday shopping season is about to kick off. That's good news for shoppers, who'll find bargains galore this weekend."
- USA Today, November 23.


Christmas Sales 2


"Clothing prices could be up as much as 10 percent to 15 percent from last year, some retail analysts say. The Labor Department appeared to confirm the dreary outlook for consumers yesterday....Some analysts say retailers should be able to avoid discounting their inventories through Christmas."
- Washington Post, same day.


- L. Brent Bozell III; Publisher
- Brent H. Baker, Tim Graham; Editors
- Jim Heiser, Richard Marois, Patrick Swan, Dorothy Warner; Media Analysts
- Cynthia Bulman; Administrative Assistant