Notable Quotables - 12/06/1993


Surprise - You Got A Middle-Class Tax Cut!

"There has been something quite unusual, and admirable, about the first year of Bill Clinton's presidency. He has expended great gobs of political capital on issues - deficit reduction, free trade (for starters) - that yield him no immediate political gain...The White House has even figured out, belatedly, how to sell last summer's budget deal: there really was a middle-class tax cut after all. It was called the Earned Income Tax Credit, designed to help the working poor."
- Newsweek Senior Writer Joe Klein, November 29.


Carville's Greedy '90s

"[Campaign manager James] Carville and the rest of the gang from the Clinton campaign - consultant Paul Begala, media adviser Mandy Grunwald and polltaker Stan Greenberg - are different from the GOP crew that preceded them. Republican operatives were eager to cash in during the Reagan and Bush years, unabashedly taking on corporate and foreign clients for whom they lobbied the administrations they had helped elect. Carville & Co. aren't in it for the buckraking."
- Newsweek's Howard Fineman, November 29.

"He's [Carville] making speeches to corporate audiences for $15,000 a pop. And then there's the book he and [wife Mary] Matalin are writing (which Newsweek has bought the rights to excerpt.)"
- Next paragraph.


Weird Weeping Questions

Reporter Nina Totenberg: "Have you cried over these cases?"
Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun: "Have I ever what?"
Totenberg: "Have you ever cried over them?"
Blackmun: "No."
- Exchange about capital punishment cases on ABC's Nightline, November 18.


The Media Tire of Turner

"We're trying to set the record straight. We practiced genocide against these people for 300 years, and we've swept it under the rug...Native Americans' way of life was much more sustainable than ours. Living in small groups, indigenous societies shared and cared and put up peer pressure on group members to behave responsibly. Our society is crumbling all around us. We could learn a lot from indigenous peoples - before it's too late."
- CNN owner Ted Turner on his new "Native Americans" multi-network project of TNT, TBS and CNN programs, quoted in the December 4 TV Guide.

"Yeah, like stop burning coal to turn the turbines that produce the electricity that warms up the TV sets that make millions for Ted, who doesn't have to lift anything heavier than a phone."
- Washington Post television writer John Carmody reporting Turner's quotes, November 29.


This Just In

"The Brady Bill just passed the Senate right now. Fortunately, United States Senators know that gun control is part of crime control."
- Wall Street Journal Executive Wash. Editor Al Hunt, CNN's Capital Gang, Nov. 20.


America: No Workers' Paradise

Some 37 million Americans, mainly the working poor, live without the basic peace of mind offered by health insurance. Every other industrial country provides something close to universal coverage and the ever-growing number of uninsured Americans has long been seen by medical experts as an index of national shame."
- New York Times reporter Erik Eckholm, November 14.


French Socialism Beats American Freedom

"By French standards it's just another day in preschool. But through American eyes, what's going on in this Parisian preschool is extraordinary. This class is part of a free, full-day, public preschool, or cole maternelle. Many New Yorkers, Washingtonians and Californians pay $8,000 to $14,000 a year to send a child to preschool or a day care center; if they are lucky enough to find a place. In France, 99 percent of 3-, 4-, and 5-year olds attend preschool at no or minimal charge....Comparing the French system with the American system - if that word can be used to describe a jigsaw puzzle missing half its pieces - is like comparing a vintage bottle of Chateau Margaux with a $4 bottle of American wine."
- New York Times reporter Steven Greenhouse in the November 14 New York Times Magazine.

CNN's Iron Curtain Nostalgia

"Across town at Red Square, where for decades the Bolshevik revolution was revered with displays of Soviet military might, this year many people simply came to remember their history, nostalgic for the days when life was more certain."
- CNN Moscow reporter Siobhan Darrow, November 7 World News.

"Yet freedom, like genius, has its price. Gone are the days when government socialism guaranteed students jobs after graduation. Young East Germans must now make their own way."
- CNN reporter Walter Rodgers, November 9 Prime News.


Anti-Castro Conservatives: Obstacle to Democracy

"It's long overdue [lifting embargo], but it won't happen because of the Cuban-American community in Florida, which is the biggest obstacle to the democratization of Cuba, because if Castro goes, they won't be the ones to take over."
- Newsweek reporter Eleanor Clift, November 27 McLaughlin Group.


Homeless Lit 101

"Even the computer on which Lars Eighner wrote his highly acclaimed book came from a dumpster. Dumpsters are the Wal-Marts of the homeless."
- CBS reporter Bill Geist on Sunday Morning, November 21.


Remembering The Waltons

"My children and I watched The Waltons every week together. It seemed, at the time, almost as good as actually being that kind of family ourselves. But then everybody voted for [Waltons grandfather] Will Geer for President, and somehow we got Ronald Reagan; instead of Camelot, Disneyland."
- CBS Sunday Morning TV critic John Leonard, November 21.


Gore: The Spiritual Equivalent of A Cheese Melt?

"For 45 years, Al Gore has been one of American politics' most gifted children, a man who knows well the amphetamine of achievement, the frisson of expectation fulfilled....Gore's own goals - a better understanding of what makes himself tick; more balance in his personal life - are the spiritual equivalent of a cheese melt: toasty, bland, patently reasonable."
- Washington Post "Outlook" section editor Katherine Boo in her Washington Post Magazine cover story on Gore, November 28.


The No-Uterus Rule

"The other extreme of the female public voice is perhaps represented by Jeane Kirkpatrick: a voice so Olympian, so neck-up and uninflected by the experiences of the female body, that the subtle message received by young female writers is: to enter public voice, one must abide by the no-uterus rule."
- Feminist writer Naomi Wolf in The New Republic, November 29 issue.


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