Notable Quotables - 12/26/1988


Pro-Life Lobby


"Word is the Sullivan appointment's on hold until the Bush people can calm the pro-life lobby. That could make for a long delay, and Dr. Sullivan deserves better than sitting in the waiting room gathering dust. What Bush ought to do is defy the pro-life lobby and get on with the appointment."
- CNN's Frederick Allen, December 20.


CBS News in Cuba


"Now half of the Cuban population is under the age of 25, mostly Spanish speaking, and all have benefited from Castro's Cuba, where their health and their education are priorities....Going around Havana, it's easy to see buildings in disrepair, the food rationing, and limited freedom of dissent, but Cubans are most proud of their schools - almost everyone can read here - and they are most proud of their medical care - free for everyone....If you ask Cubans how they benefit most from their form of government, they're likely to tell you about buildings like this one in Havana. It is a Polyclinic, and it is the heart of a health care system which has been called a 'revolution within a revolution.' Of all the promises made by Fidel Castro in 1959, perhaps the boldest was to provide quality health care free for every citizen. Did he deliver? In many ways the answer is yes!"
- Kathleen Sullivan from Havana on CBS This Morning, December 9.


The Washington Times


"'When you see an exclusive story in the Moonie paper, you think: I wonder if that's really true,' says a Washington reporter for a major newspaper chain. 'When you see the same kind of story in the Post or another established newspaper, you assume it's true.'"
- From a December Washington Journalism Review article by former AP and Washington Times reporter Gene Grabowski.


Politics and the Media


"Politics is an honorable profession, and journalism is an honorable trade. The question raised by Mr. [David] Broder last week is whether the incessant bed-hopping between the two is doing damage to the image of independence we cultivate and cherish. The answer is yes. It causes, as Mr. Broder said, the loss of our distinctive identity. We are seen not as untainted critics in the audience, but as actors playing leading roles on the political stage."
- Washington Post Ombudsman Richard Harwood, December 4.


Campaign '88


"The candidates this time around were more willing to color or twist the facts to their own advantage, especially in the case of Mr. Bush and Mr. Quayle."
- ABC reporter James Wooten quoted in the November 28 Electronic Media.


Walter Cronkite


"I know liberalism isn't dead in this country. It simply has, temporarily we hope, lost its voice....We know that unilateral action in Grenada and Tripoli was wrong. We know that 'Star Wars' means uncontrollable escalation of the arms race. We know that the real threat to democracy is the half of the nation in poverty. We know that no one should tell a woman she has to bear an unwanted child....Gawd Almighty, we've got to shout these truths in which we believe from the housetops. Like that scene in the movie 'Network,' we've got to throw open our windows and shout these truths to the streets and the heavens. And I bet we'll find more windows are thrown open to join the chorus than we'd ever dreamed possible."
- former CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite, at a November People for the American Way banquet. Quoted in the December 5 Newsweek.


The Economy


"After a pause, Americans are really spending again. Retail sales rising in November for the second straight month, up this time 1.1 percent, to more than $138 billion....With unemployment down near a fourteen year low, Americans feel more confident."
- Reporter Ray Brady on the December 13 CBS Evening News.

"Merchants are pulling out all the stops to head off disaster, including early mark-downs and gimmicks...What's more, after six years without a recession, and heavy consumer spending, people are worried about the economy and prices are higher.
- Irving R. Levine on NBC Nightly News, December 16.

"Economy Creates 463,000 Jobs, Raising Inflation Fear"
- The Washington Post, December 3.




"Imagine a world where everyone is guaranteed freedom of choice, where all nations work together with space technology to protect the environment, where poor countries are forgiven their debts, and where nations trust one another enough to unilaterally reduce their armed forces. Who would dare to dream such a dream?...In his first speech before the United Nations, Soviet leader Gorbachev dropped a diplomatic bombshell by making a global appeal to peace."
- Ted Koppel opening the December 7 Nightline.


Defense Cuts


"After years of being the almost invisible understudy, Bush has leaped onto center stage. But in taking the lead, he's stuck with all the problems he avoided during the campaign: enormous deficits, a collapsing dollar, jittery markets, the need for massive cuts in defense."
- Andrea Mitchell on NBC Nightly News, November 27.

Quote of the Month


"The reason that I've been appearing frequently on national TV is because apparently the media think that I'm right."
- "American Atheists" spokesman Robert Sherman, appearing on CNN's Crossfire, December 20.


- L. Brent Bozell III; Publisher
- Brent H. Baker, Tim Graham; Editors
- Jim Heiser, Richard Marois, Patrick Swan, Dorothy Warner; Media Analysts
- Cynthia Bulman; Administrative Assistant