Bozell to CBS: Don't give Couric's Job to Pelley Yet! MRC Offers to Help Find CBS Evening News Replacement

Upon learning that Katie Couric has officially announced she will leave her anchor post at CBS Evening News, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell issued the following to CBS executives:

"Rumor has it that CBS News is going to name Scott Pelley as Couric's successor. But what's the rush? You've been in last place for well over a decade. Another few days won't matter. Do not make (another) rash, premature, impulsive decision. Vet all your options - especially when the MRC's 500,000 members are coming to the rescue.

"The MRC has launched a national search committee and is soliciting recommendations for the next CBS Evening News anchor.

"CBS likes people with charisma - like Charlie Sheen, maybe? He too is looking for work. Or someone with "CBS depth" - so how about Britney Spears? Or maybe someone who is sweet, perky and - oh wait a minute, you tried that already.

"Instead of making any rash decisions, we urge you to postpone your decision and give us a chance to weigh in. And after the committee convenes, I will return to announce our recommendation.

"Let the search begin! But don't wait too, too long. The ratings footsteps you hear are Al Gore's Current TV gaining."