Bozell Challenges CBS to Stand Ground, Air Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad

Alexandria, VA - Media Research Center President Brent Bozell called on the CBS Television Network to stay the course in planning to air a life-affirming Super Bowl commercial featuring Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and his mother, who was pressured to abort him in her pregnancy, after a bout of opposition has arisen among left-wing activist groups:

"Radical leftist groups like the National Organization for Women have the gall to claim that this life-affirming ad is 'extraordinarily offensive and demeaning.' I wonder, what is so offensive about celebrating the decision of a mother to have her baby? Apparently this is too much for these radicals to handle, so they are unabashedly pressuring CBS to censor the message. They are disgraceful.

"CBS has the opportunity to make this a game-changer for network television. It has been documented time and again that the broadcast networks are left-wing in their news, editorial and entertainment decisions. Here is an opportunity for CBS to show balance and fairness - and simple decency. It also presents an opportunity to stand against liberal political censorship. They should take it and run this positive, uplifting ad.

"If CBS caves to the leftist pressure, it's over for this network's credibility. On the other hand, CBS can make a very positive statement to all of America by holding its ground."

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