Bozell: NBC Censors 'Too Gruesome' Gosnell Abortion Murder Details

Peacock Network Describes Other Grisly Murders in Graphic Detail

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Last night, NBC Nightly News finally broke the broadcast networks’ six-week evening news blackout of the Kermit Gosnell murder trial, even as ABC’s and CBS’s evening newscasts continued their silence. Instead of reporting the whole story, however, NBC heavily censored their description of Gosnell’s alleged crimes to hide the horrors of abortion. According to the Media Research Center’s Culture and Media Institute, NBC reporter Stephanie Gosk claimed that Gosnell’s alleged crimes are “too gruesome” to be discussed on-air, but that hasn’t stopped NBC News from explicitly describing other murders in gory detail:

On the June 25, 2011 edition of Nightly News – during one of 12 stories they ran on the Casey Anthony trial – Kerry Sanders reported that, “Anthony’s mother, Cindy, testified for the state and was overcome with emotion as she listened with the jury to her 911 call that her daughter's car had the stench of death, appearing to support the state's claim that Caylee's lifeless body had been stowed in the trunk for several days before being dumped in the woods.”

On the June 23, 2011 episode of Today, Ann Curry, Savannah Guthrie, and Kerry Sanders explained that Anthony allegedly used, “duct tape and chloroform and then killed [daughter Caylee].” They questioned if, “there had been a decomposing body in the trunk” of Anthony’s car and, “whether, you know, Caylee drowned in the pool.”

During two separate editions of Today in 2010, NBC reported on a brutal home invasion/sexual assault/triple murder. Victim William Petit describe the “moans and thumps” as his wife and children were being tortured, and NBC reported that the assailants, “broke in, tied his two girls to their bedposts upstairs, and sexually assaulted his wife and strangled her before burning the house down with his family inside.”

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell reacts:

“Last night, NBC Nightly News deliberately censored the grisly details of abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s alleged crimes. Claiming that they’re ‘too gruesome’ to be discussed on television is absolute nonsense. NBC News covered the Casey Anthony child murder trial 12 times on Nightly News in 2011, including multiple graphic descriptions of that crime. If they can talk about Caylee Anthony’s body decomposing in the trunk of a car, they can talk about Gosnell ‘snipping’ spinal cords to kill babies born alive. The difference is that the details of this murder trial raise serious questions about abortion, the liberal media’s most sacred cow.

“If NBC thinks one Gosnell story with no details is enough, they’re wrong. If CBS thinks two stories on This Morning are enough, they’re wrong. And if ABC thinks their complete blackout on World News and Good Morning America hasn’t done major damage to their brand in the eyes of the American people, they’re outright delusional.

“This is what it looks like when networks have a political agenda. They are in lock-step in defense of the abortion industry. It doesn’t matter how many babies are murdered. All that matters to the Big Three is hiding the truth about the horrific violence of abortion. Gosnell may go down as the most lethal, depraved serial killer in American history, and the nation’s three biggest television news outlets refuse to tell the truth about him. It’s disgusting on every level.”

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