Media Assail Protesters of Obama's School 'Lesson Plan' - Bozell: "Here We Go Again"

Alexandria, VA - Brent Bozell today responded to the vicious personal attacks members of the media have been making on parents objecting to the proposed Barack Obama Administration "lesson plan," which was to accompany a speech President Obama delivered today to their children.

Pres. Obama is still addressing the children, but in response to public outrage has withdrawn the Department of Education "lesson plan" which recommended among other things that teachers have their students "write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the President." As the Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol has pointed out, it is against the law for the Department of Education to hand down any sort of teaching materials. But rather than report on this, the leftist media are attacking parents.

The New York Times' John Harwood, appearing on MSNBC, accused parents who objected of being racist, saying "Partly it's simply because Barack Obama is a different kind of president: first African-American..." and later said "the biggest danger to kids in this whole thing is that a lot of the parents complaining aren't smart enough to raise them very effectively."

CNN's Roland Martin, when asked whether the lesson plan was a problem, he responded "No, it's not a problem. What you have is you have some insane parents who want to bring their ideology into the table... This is absolute nonsense."

Liberal columnist David Sirota, appearing on CNN, declared that people protesting the Administration's lesson plan and speech are "a bunch of psychopaths."

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell:

"Here we go again. Average Americans practice their First Amendment free speech rights to protest another outrageous liberal proposal, and the media immediately go into full-on attack mode - against the American people for practicing their First Amendment free speech rights.

"Parents are placing themselves between their children and a chilling Obama Administration 'lesson plan,' and the media respond by calling them racists and insane psychopaths. The liberal media are more interested in assailing parents and continuing to cultivate Obama's cult of personality than they are in reporting the truth.

"You would think that at some point the media would make the connection between their attacking their prospective viewers and their perpetually imploding ratings."

"Just as with the tea party protesters, and the socialized health care town hall protesters, the media are again attacking the American people for having the temerity to speak up. How dare they."