Morning Network News Parrots Gores Climate Disaster Line

Morning Network News Parrots Gores Climate Disaster Line 115 Global Warming Stories But Only 4 with Some Views Contrary to Doomsday Scenario
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ALEXANDRIA, VA In advance of Earth Day on April 22, a new study released today by the Media Research Center proves that the morning news shows on ABC, CBS, and NBC are giving overwhelmingly one-sided coverage to the global warming issue with numerous reports that largely mimic the talking points of former Vice President Al Gore and climate disaster alarmists. The networks have also completely ignored the regulatory costs, estimated up to $400 billion a year, to reduce greenhouse gases that allegedly cause global warming.

ABCs Good Morning America, CBSs The Early Show, and NBCs Today ran 115 climate change stories between Jan. 1 and April 15. Only 4 of those 115 stories included some views contrary to the doomsday scenario painted by Mr. Gore.

In reference to the morning networks liberally biased coverage of the global warming issue, MRC President L. Brent Bozell issued the following statement:

Al Gore recently gave a speech in which he declared that providing balanced coverage on global warmingproviding several perspectives to the issuewas equal to bias because the science is supposedly already in on this issue. Thus, fair and balanced reporting on climate change is not an option.

The MRC study shows that ABC, CBS, and NBC have followed Gores orders and essentially excluded any skepticism on the global warming debate. Thats not journalism. Thats advocacy. Liberal advocacy.

At the same time, the morning network news shows are not saying anything about the huge potential costs to comply with the regulatory controls to supposedly save the planet from global catastrophe. ABC, CBS, and NBC should be ashamed of their lack of professionalism and lack of responsibility.


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