MRC Press Release - Bozell: Bill Keller Must Go

New Online Platform Revolutionizes Citizen Journalism, Conservative Networking
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Alexandria, VA - The Media Research Center [MRC] has launched a groundbreaking, interactive news and entertainment platform designed to transform the world of online video-sharing and networking - without the censorship or political agenda of YouTube.

Eyeblast ( is aimed at the next generation of conservatives and at conservative organizations. It combines the video-sharing qualities of YouTube with the social-networking capability of Facebook to pull the digital, interactive components into one space. People can create, share and view videos, audio and other content on topics that are important to them, ranging from current events and politics to entertainment. Unlike any other online platform, Eyeblast simultaneously allows users to upload their own content, connect with friends, classmates and colleagues, and make new acquaintances.

Eyeblast is more than a one-stop shop for the online community; its Web 2.0 functionality provides the most comprehensive digital portal to date and allows users to:

• View and search videos, including those embedded from YouTube and other video-sharing sites;

• Embed videos in their blogs and Web sites;
• Upload their own videos;
• Get individual or organizational channels to promote their videos;
• Rate and store favorite videos, and "blast" them to their friends;
• Create profiles and groups;
• Invite friends to join groups;
• And send and read e-mails.

MRC President Brent Bozell sees Eyeblast as a gateway to a more educated and informed society, especially the Internet generation.

"Eyeblast is a leapfrog in technology for the conservative movement," stated Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center. "We have harnessed the capabilities of various online networks into one place that is free of censorship. Google, YouTube and the liberal media have squashed certain information due to its conservative bent. Eyeblast does not discriminate based upon political view. It is an online location where all sides are welcome to share. We especially hope to capture the attention of conservative college students and those under 30 who are longing for a place to connect with other conservatives."

Eyeblast is brought to you by the Media Research Center, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit research and education organization. Visit Eyeblast online at

To schedule an interview with Eyeblast Executive Producer Danny Glover, please contact Tim Scheiderer (x. 126) or Colleen O'Boyle (x. 122) at (703) 683-5004.