MRC Press Release - Bozell: TIME Must Apologize

"If only every reporter would be as forthright and honest as Douglass"
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Alexandria, VA - Veteran journalist Linda Douglass, who has worked as a reporter for ABC, CBS and of late the National Journal, yesterday announced she was leaving the news media to join Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's campaign as a senior strategist and as a senior campaign spokesperson.

Douglass becomes the second former ABC News correspondent to join a Democratic presidential campaign this year. She follows ex-anchor Carole Simpson, who endorsed Hillary Clinton and makes public appearances for Clinton: hosting an infomercial for her and appearing on CNN on her behalf.

Said Douglass of the move, "I see this as a moment of transformational change in the country and I have spent my lifetime sitting on the sidelines watching people attempt to make change. I just decided that I can't sit on the sidelines anymore."

Media Research Center's President L. Brent Bozell today praised Douglass for displaying openly the courage of her liberal convictions.

L. Brent Bozell:

"Three cheers to Linda Douglass for finally admitting what has been so obvious to anyone watching her reporting over the years: Her unreconstructed liberalism.

"Her former colleagues must be so jealous! She can now openly, unequivocally root for Obama. They are doing the same thing, but must continue to pretend to be fair, objective 'news' reporters.

"Brian Williams, Terry Moran, Lee Cowan and Keith Olbermann are just a few of the very many journalists just aching to suit up and take the field for Obama. Maybe they'll take their cue from Linda and make similar moves.

"And to Chris Matthews I say: If covering Obama gives you a thrill up your leg, imagine what WORKING for him will do!"

For the initial reporting of MRC Vice President for Marketing and Publications Brent Baker.

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