MRC Press Release - Liberal Media Cover-Up Speaker Pelosi's Slander of American Troops, Crediting Iran for Iraq Success

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ALEXANDRIA, VA - A Rasmussen poll released yesterday states 49% of respondents think the media will slant their coverage in an explicit attempt to assist Senator Barack Obama in November's Presidential election. This is up 5% from just one month ago. Only 14% think they will do the same for Senator John McCain.

This poll was released in the midst of an unprecedented week long excursion for the three network evening news anchors. CBS' Katie Couric, ABC's Charlie Gibson and NBC's Brian Williams are following in the wake of Sen. Obama's tour of the Middle East and Europe, broadcasting live from each of Sen. Obama's stops and sitting down with him for one-on-one exclusive interviews, a level of coverage no Presidential candidate has ever before received.

MRC President L. Brent Bozell:

"The liberal media's now completely blatant bias is as evident as it is extraordinary. Never before have we seen such an overt, over-the-top, seemingly coordinated effort by press in totality to back the play of a politician. It is shameless.

"That 49% of the American people now say they see the media's Obama cheerleading leads me only to wonder: What are the other 51% drinking?

"No Presidential candidate EVER has received this level of fawning, luminescent and servile coverage. Not Kerry, not Gore, not Clinton, Dukakis, Mondale, Carter, McGovern, Humphrey, Johnson, not even the liberal media's hallowed John Fitzgerald Kennedy garnered this level of gushing, glowing press attention.

"The liberal media's only hope of salvaging some semblance of journalistic credibility is, when it's their turn with Sen. Obama, to put to him the very obvious questions that need to be asked. However, given their coverage of him thus far, I'm afraid we will find that they will remain incapable of helping themselves, and that their credibility is unrecoverable."

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