MRC Press Release - Liberal Media Cover-Up Speaker Pelosi's Slander of American Troops, Crediting Iran for Iraq Success

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ALEXANDRIA, VA - The Media Research Center today released a report documenting the tremendous ongoing bias of NBC, ABC and CBS in their network evening news coverage of the Presidential race. The study shows that the three networks dedicated a whopping ninety-two (92) minutes to Sen. Barack Obama's eight-day trip to the Middle East and Europe last week, while the Big Three aired only eight and one-half (8 ) minutes worth of reporting on Sen. John McCain's very similar March trip to many of the same destinations.

The CBS Evening News was the most obviously tilted, with more than 34 minutes of Obama coverage during the eight days from July 20 through July 27. Back in March, McCain's seven-day trip garnered a piddling ten seconds from CBS, a ridiculously lopsided 200-to-1 disparity.

ABC's World News gave Obama nearly as much coverage as CBS (about 33 minutes), or roughly 15 times more attention than they provided McCain's trip (slightly more than two minutes). NBC Nightly News spent nearly 25 minutes covering Obama, or about four times more than they gave McCain back in March (a little over six minutes).

Not only was there copious coverage of Sen. Obama, it often bordered on being giddy. On Thursday, NBC's Brian Williams touted how "the first ever African-American running as presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party brought throngs of people into the center of Berlin, streaming into this city, surging to get close to him, to hear his message," while ABC featured the reaction of one German who proclaimed Obama "my new Messiah."

MRC President L. Brent Bozell:

"Last week's eight day excursion into broadcast bias was unprecedented and extraordinary, and these numbers prove it. It's been a year of feeble weeks for the media, but this may have been the Worst.

"92 minutes of slavish and slobbering network coverage dedicated to Sen. Obama versus 8-1/2 piddling minutes of afterthought airings for Sen. McCain, barely enough to remind the American people that Sen. Obama does indeed still have an opponent.

"Brian Williams, Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson are nothing more than the lead tenors in what has become a media-wide perversion of Handel's Messiah."

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