ABC Highlights Crank Shouting at Romney: 'Will You Fire the Baby?'

ABC on Tuesday night decided to showcase one guy yelling at Mitt Romney, as if it proved how media-liberal distortions of Mitt Romney's "I like to fire people" remark will surely hurt him and ...
Media Research Center

MRC Study: ABC, CBS and NBC Cast GOP as Debt Ceiling Villains

By a Three-to-One Margin, Network News Stories Say Republicans Deserve More Blame than Democrats for Debt Impasse

ABC Uniquely Highlights Report Showing Obama Worse than Bush on Paying Off Donors

Wednesday's World News on ABC led with a report from the left-leaning Center for Public Integrity documenting Barack Obama's failure to meet his promise to "change" politics as usual and thus not ...

ABC: 'Potential Wave of Domestic Terror' vs NBC: 'No Spike' in Hate Group Activity

ABC's Pierre Thomas on Thursday night delivered an ominous story on how "radicals of the ultra-fringe, filled with rage about illegal immigration, fear of losing their guns, abortion and race ...

Flashback: Nets Were Quick to Tag Alito and Roberts as 'Ultra' and 'Hardline' 'Conservatives'

Network anchors and reporters didn't hesitate to apply strong ideological labels (not just quoting others) to President Bush's two Supreme Court nominees, John Roberts and Samuel Alito. Will they ...

ABC and CBS Lead with Powell v Cheney and Limbaugh, GOP Too Conservative

ABC and CBS, which two weeks ago gave short-shrift to Dick Cheney choosing Rush Limbaugh over Colin Powell as the better representative of the Republican Party, both led Sunday night with Powell ...

ABC: Cutting Food Costs Can Lead to Obesity

'World News' says receding economy can cause expanding waistlines.

ABC Gives Disgraced Pastor Platform to Bash Religious Right

'World News Sunday' features one-sided, anti-conservative segment with Ted Haggard

'World News' Ultimate Financial Hardship: Selling Your Body for Medical Science

For ABC, drug trials replace bread lines as signs of 'tough times.'

Bias, Bias Everywhere as Media Ponder Pontiff

There were too many examples of anti-Pope bias to list before Benedict even set foot on American soil.
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