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Is the NYT's Real Concern 'Disproportionate' Small-State Power, or Passing Liberal Laws?

Supreme Court reporter Adam Liptak, concerned about the Constitution...and the prospects of liberal legislation? "Beyond influencing government spending, these shifts generally benefit ...
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NYT's Liptak Sees Furious, 'Bitter,' Angry Conservatives After ObamaCare

The New York Times Supreme Court reporter dumps synonyms for anger into his story on conservatve reaction to Chief Justice John Roberts' shocking ObamaCare ruling: Fury, bitterness, anger, ...
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Conservative Arguments Against ObamaCare 'Misguided, if not Frivolous,' Suggests NYT's Court Reporter

Supreme Court reporter Adam Liptak finds "frivolous" the idea that the federal government can't make you pay for things you don't want: "Five justices accepted the argument that had been at the ...
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Liptak's Latest Odd NYTimes Attack on the Supreme Court Before a Crucial Decision

Another day, another out-of-nowhere attack by New York Times reporter Adam Liptak on the Supreme Court, as it waits to hear a case important to liberals. "Nine times so far this year, the ...
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As Obama-Care Decision Looms, NYTimes Front Odd Poll Saying Conservative Decisions Have Hurt SCOTUS's Status

Supreme Court reporter Adam Liptak blames two Supreme Court decisions hated by the Times for the alleged decline in people's trust in the Court: "The decline in the court’s standing may stem in ...
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