'Glambert's' Record Sales Indicate Not All Publicity is Good Publicity

American Idol runner-up sees a 74 percent drop in album sales.

Rod Stewart Defends Lambert's Sordid Sex Act: There's Nothing Wrong with That

Singer says simulated oral sex is rock n' roll.

Ridiculous Idol Excuses

When a male singer kisses another man and simulates oral sex on national television, it's ridiculous to suggest that none of this was planned, that it was just a spontaneous event.

'Idol' Runner-Up Sexes Up American Music Awards

Adam Lambert says simulated oral sex during TV performance promoted freedom of expression and artistic freedom.

Reporter to 'Idol's' Lambert: 'Are You Bi-Curious?'

ABC gives you all you ever wanted to know about contestant's sexuality -- and more.

Media Let Culture Wars Cloud 'American Idol' Win

Networks and print usually love tales of underdogs – unless they're heterosexual Christian underdogs.

Newsweek Frets about Christian Influence on 'Idol' Voting

Newsweek's Setoodeh worries audiences will let sexuality rule over talent
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