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NY Times Doesn't Let 'Costly' Funeral Halt Criticism of 'Deeply Polarizing...Divisive' Thatcher

From the paper's account of the funeral for the "deeply polarizing...divisive" Margaret Thatcher: "Critics have claimed that the authorities have sought to cloak the cost of the ceremony by not ...
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Margaret Thatcher a 'Dominant Yet Divisive Figure' Who Helped 'Unravel Social Compacts'

A news analysis upon the death of Margaret Thatcher concludes: "However, there were others, particularly on the political left, who spoke with bitterness of the vogue that spread across the ...
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New York Times London Reporter Alan Cowell's Obsession With 'Capitalist Greed'

This marks at least the third time the Times' London reporter has blamed capitalist greed for riotous behavior in the paper's news section: "The Games took place almost exactly a year after riots ...
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Alan Cowell the Anti-Capitalist Sees Still More 'Greed' in His New York Times Reporting

London-based Alan Cowell on "runaway capitalist greed": "Moving after midnight, bailiffs supported by police officers dismantled a tent encampment outside St. Paul's Cathedral here early ...
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