Politico's Mike Allen on MSNBC: GOP 'Steamroller' Stopped, Dems 'Off the Mat'

During Wednesday's 10AM EST hour on MSNBC, Politico's Mike Allen shared his thoughts on Tuesday's electoral results: "Stop the steamroller. The idea the Republicans were automatically going to be ...

MSNBC Seeks Analysis From WaPo Journalist Who Slammed Sarah Palin as Larry the Cable Guy

MSNBC's Alex Witt on Friday featured a rabidly anti-Sarah Palin journalist to explain why the former governor spoke at a National Rifle Association conference. Asked to comment, Cathy Areu ...

MSNBC Anchor Spins for Obama after NBC Reporter Slams Him for NASA Cuts

A visibly perturbed Jay Barbree, during MSNBC live coverage on Thursday, called out Barack Obama for making cuts in NASA that could result, as he claimed, in 9,000 employees losing their jobs even ...

MSNBC Host Says McCain Joke 'Perpetuates' Energy Problems

Witt defends Obama's exaggeration on saving gas, encourages McCain to 'leave it alone.'
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