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MRC Study: ABC, CBS and NBC Cast GOP as Debt Ceiling Villains

By a Three-to-One Margin, Network News Stories Say Republicans Deserve More Blame than Democrats for Debt Impasse

CNBC's John Harwood Blames GOP 'Crazy Politics' for Debt Ceiling Stalemate

Appearing on Saturday's NBC Today, CNBC's John Harwood solely blamed House Republicans for the ongoing debt ceiling gridlock: "Speaker Boehner and President Obama, were negotiating in good faith. ...

NBC Dismisses GOP Debt Ceiling Plan as a 'Show,' 'Just Wasting Time'

On Tuesday's NBC Today, co-host Ann Curry admonished Republicans for trying to pass a balanced budget amendment as part of a debt ceiling agreement: "Tea Party conservatives love this plan. The ...

Today Show Turns to Walter Mondale to Advise Obama

Former Vice President Walter Mondale appeared on Monday's Today show to plug his new book and NBC's Amy Robach asked the failed 1984 presidential candidate if he had any advice for Barack Obama, ...

NBC's Brian Williams Ignores Rangel Corruption Charges - UPDATED

On Thursday's NBC Nightly News Williams completely ignored the news that a House Ethics committee found that long time New York Democratic Congressman Charles Rangel accepted corporate money for ...

NBC: 'Historic Upset' in MA 'Political Crisis' for Obama

On Saturday's Today, co-anchor Amy Robach referred to a potential Republican victory in the Massachusetts Senate race as "a crisis potentially looming here at home" for President Obama. Guest Joe ...

Networks' Assault on Marriage

CBS and NBC fail to critically examine divorce

Tax 'Cuts,' Tax Hikes, Media Back Obama Either Way

Cable and network news applaud Obama's stimulus bill for 'tax breaks,' but barely explain president's proposed tax hikes in the 2010 budget.

A Tale of Two Tax Cuts: Obama's Will Save Economy, Bush's for the 'Wealthiest'

'Nightly News' considers tax cuts an integral part of the Obama 'massive economic recovery plan,' ignores how rollback of Bush tax cuts would affect economy.

Networks Darken 'Black Friday'

Broadcast journalists marginalize increased turnout, spending; focus on downbeat angles of holiday shopping.
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