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Media Hype Hansen’s Latest ‘Alarming’ Prediction: Sea Levels to Rise 10 Feet

Critics say claim has ‘zero credibility,’ but CBS, NBC, MSNBC, other media call it a ‘bombshell’ from a ‘top climate scientist.’
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As Latest Global Warming Scare Report Crumbles, Where's the New York Times' Follow-Up?

Last month, the Times' alarmist environmental reporter Justin Gillis used a new study to confidently proclaim "Global temperatures are warmer than at any time in at least 4,000 years...and over ...
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So Much for Hot Climate News: New York Times Shuts Down 'Green' Blog

The Times is discontinuing the Green blog, which was created to track environmental and energy news and to foster lively discussion of developments in both areas.” Or perhaps people simply ...
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Global Warming Slapfight: NYT's Revkin Takes on Far-Left Climate Activists

Andrew Revkin, former environmental reporter for the Times and strong global warming believer, now finds himself under attack from far-left climate activists for criticizing the conduct of climate ...
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Heartland Institute Warming Skeptics Victimized by Fraud But Still Blamed by Environmental Reporter Revkin

Double standards: Former environmental reporter Andrew Revkin stood arms-length from the leaked emails from the East Anglia Climatic Research Unit that resulted in the "Climategate" scandal that ...
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