Team Obama's Grubby Federal Job-Dangling Is Not News

MRC Study: Networks Contain Sestak Scandal to Nine Stories or Mentions on Memorial Day Weekend

CBS's Schieffer: If Oil Leak Plugged, White House Job Scandals Will 'Go Away'

On Friday's CBS Early Show, Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer argued that if the Gulf oil spill could be stopped, the scandal of the Obama administration offering jobs to Democratic senate ...

CNN's Obama Interview: LeBron, McCartney In; Sestak, Economy Out

CNN's Larry King completely left out the major topic of the White House's continuing obfuscation on the Sestak and Romanoff controversies and barely mentioned the economy during his interview of ...

HuffPo's Grim: Real 'Crime' of White House Was 'Holding Back A Progressive Agenda'

On Thursday's 11AM EST hour on MSNBC, anchor Tamron Hall asked Ryan Grim of the left-wing Huffington Post about recent scandals involving the Obama White House tampering with Democratic primaries: ...
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