NBC's Curry 'Inspired' by Longtime Lib Helen Thomas

NBC's Ann Curry, on Tuesday's Today show, called longtime liberal White House correspondent Helen Thomas her "inspiration." As part of an ongoing series "Today's Mentors and Inspirations," Curry ...

NBC's Curry Pushes McCain: Will 'Catalyst' of Kennedy Death Cause You to 'Cross the Aisle?'

NBC's Ann Curry, on Thursday's Today show asked Senator John McCain if "the death of Senator Kennedy" would "be the catalyst" to pass health care reform but when the Arizona senator responded that ...

Brian Williams: In Lieu of Flowers for Ted, Pass Health Care Reform

NBC's Brian Williams, during NBC News' live coverage of the President's remarks about the passing of Ted Kennedy on Wednesday, cited what sounded like a spam e-mail rallying support for health ...

On Today: Obamas Arrive in Martha's Vineyard and the Children Sing!

NBC's Ron Allen, on Monday's Today show, highlighted how the residents on Martha's Vineyard are in a tizzy about the First Family vacationing there as he gushed: "On the small island off the coast ...

Today Misses Partisan Aspect of Ted Kennedy's 'Poignant' Succession Request

Lost in Thursday's Today coverage of Senator Ted Kennedy's letter requesting a succession plan, should the Massachusetts senator be unable to serve due to health reasons, was how nakedly partisan ...

NBC Skips Islamic Conversion of Shooter, Trip to Yemen

Tuesday's Today show completely ignored two facts about a man who murdered a soldier at an Army recruiting station in Arkansas: He had just converted to Islam and was being investigated by the FBI ...

Media Latch on to Swine Flu 'Pandemic'

National news goes hog wild with influenza stories but barely discusses Bush preparations; need for border security.

Bill Clinton Fears 'Climate Will Crater and We Won't Be Able To Preserve Civilization'

Former president cautions 'Today' viewers economic and terrorism crises are short-term and climate is real long-term threat.

'Today Show' Suggests Single Moms Only Need Dad's Money

The morning show hosts reduce role of octuplets' father to monetary supplier.

Unemployment Nearly as Bad as During Clinton

Media selectively spin downturn into foundation for new, New Deal.
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