ABC: Supreme Court Decision Gives Wal-Mart Ability to 'Crush' Women 'One at a Time'

'World News' slants report against retailer with voices 4-to-1 against court ruling in class-action gender discrimination lawsuit.

NBC Skips Supreme Court Ruling Freeing Thousands of Criminals and Scalia's Warning of 'Terrible Things'

NBC's Nightly News on Monday and the Today show on Tuesday ignored a controversial, ideologically divided Supreme Court ruling that ordered California to release at least 38,000 prisoners. ABC, ...

Obama Pick Elena Kagan a 'Liberal,' But Only 'in Moderation'

Peter Baker wonders if Elena Kagan is liberal enough to battle with the staunch conservatives on the Supreme Court, while the Times fawns over Kagan the "opera-loving, poker-playing, ...

NPR's Totenberg Claims Sotomayor 'More Conservative' Than Scalia

NPR's Nina Totenberg, on Monday's Charlie Rose, told the PBS host that Supreme Court nominee Sonya Sotomayor actually has "a pretty conservative record" and "you could say that she's more ...

CBS Lashes Out at Pro-Gun Rights Ruling

A Sunday Morning reporter confronts the lawyer who won the Supreme Court case, and a commentator blasts the decision.

Today's Big News: Percentage of Women Among Supreme Court Law Clerks

Stop the presses! Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse gets front-page play for breaking news: "Women Suddenly Scarce Among Justices' Clerks."
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