'Bad News Bears'

How Networks Distort a Good Economy and Batter President Bush

Fire and Ice

Journalists have warned of climate change for 100 years, but cant decide weather we face an ice age or warming.

Hugo The Boss

Media criticize greed of energy executives, but go easy on Venezuelas oil strongman

Trade Secrets

Lou Dobbs Tonight Hides Good News Behind Negative View of Free Market

MediaWatch: April 19, 1999

Networks Continue to Acoid Major Print Scoops; NewsBites; Dan Rather Searches Clinton's "Feelings"; They Would Indict Clinton; FNC Shows the Flow

MediaWatch: April 5, 1999

Meet the Obedient White House Press; NewsBites; Two Thumbs Down for Oscar's Honors; Blame Reagan First; CNN Catches Gore Gaffes

MediaWatch: April 20, 1998

Clinton Communion Condoned; NewsBites: Harsh Truth; Revolving Door: Jabbing Jones; today Paula Jones, Next Kenneth Starr; Peter Jennings: Al Gore is Our Savior

Notable Quotables - 04/20/1998

MediaWatch: April 1998

Five Clinton Practices Ignored by TV News; NewsBites: Belated Flowers; Jonesboro Ambush: Who's to Blame?; The Ron and Nolanda Story Continues...; ABC on the Budget-Busting Transportation Bill
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