AZ Immigration Law Divides 'Law-and-Order' Defender of 'Hard-Edged Policies' vs. Compassionate Opponent 'More Willing to Give'

Stark bias from reporter Marc Lacey on a couple divided on Arizona's new immigration law: "Because he serves summonses for a living, owning his own business, Mr. Sotelo tends to be the ...

CBS's Blackstone: Immigration Debate 'Boiling Over,' 'Often-Angry'

In a report on Arizona's immigration law for CBS's Sunday Morning, correspondent John Blackstone declared: "In the heat of the Arizona summer, America's long-simmering immigration debate is ...

Lady Gaga Slams 'Disgusting' Immigration Law During Arizona Concert

Pop star tells Phoenix fans to be 'active' in immigration protest, criticizes celebrity boycotts.

CNN's Harris: Tough on Arizona Law Author, Soft on Left-Wing Activist

On Thursday's Newsroom, CNN's Tony Harris played hardball with Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, the author of the SB1070 anti-illegal immigration law in the state, while not asking one tough ...

CBS: Ruling on Arizona Law 'Seemed to Answer the Prayers' of Immigrants

On Thursday's Early Show, correspondent John Blackstone reported on a federal judge blocking several provisions in Arizona's new immigration law: "The judge's ruling seemed to answer the prayers ...

ABC Continues Attack on New Arizona Law: 'Target: Immigrants'

ABC on Wednesday continued to attack Arizona's tough new immigration law. Good Morning America devoted three segments to the subject, even misstating what the legislation does.

Networks Protest Arizona's Immigration Law With Cameras and Microphones

Study: By Almost 10 to 1, ABC, CBS, and NBC Stories Support Amnesty for Illegal Aliens in Arizona

As AZ Immigration Law Looms, ABC Touts Harm to Small Businesses

ABC's World News on Sunday caught up to CBS and NBC in fretting about the potential problems caused by illegal immigrants leaving Arizona. ABC's Barbara Pinto lamented the possible damage to small ...

Times Continues to Emphasize Angry Opposition to Popular Arizona Immigration Law

James McKinley Jr.: "With just a week remaining before Arizona's stringent new immigration law is set to take effect, a federal judge in Phoenix heard, for the first time, from Obama ...
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