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CNN Touts Obama's 'Victory Lap' on ObamaCare Numbers, But Ignores Concern from Insurers

CNN gave a prime exhibition of lazy journalism on Friday's The Situation Room when it touted Obama's "victory lap" because of "new ObamaCare enrollment numbers" without fact-checking ...
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CNN Anchors Tire of 'Silly,' 'Stupid' Rodeo Clown Controversy

On Thursday afternoon CNN's Athena Jones called the Missouri rodeo clown controversy a "firestorm," but CNN's tone changed within a matter of hours. On Thursday night's Piers Morgan Live, ...
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CNN (Again) Hails Pro-Abortion Filibuster of 'Rising Star'

CNN once again hyped a Texas legislator's stand against a pro-life bill, this time highlighting the "very personal war of words" between the "rising star" and Republican Governor Rick Perry. ...
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