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Networks Complain about ‘Age of Austerity’ Under Obama

ABC, CBS and NBC criticize Republicans for ‘austerity,’ ignore skyrocketing debt and spending.
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Once Again, Smearing Arizona; Remember Obama's "Era of Austerity?" Well, It's Over

After six years in which the federal government's public debt exploded by nearly $7 trillion, the Washington Post suggests President Obama has presided over "an era of austerity," even as liberal ...
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It's 'Clear' to NYT's Calmes: GOP Calls for 'Austerity,' Deficit Reduction 'Is a Drag' on Economy

White House correspondent Jackie Calmes continues to paint the myth of moderate Barack Obama combatting the reckless "austerity" of Republicans: "In all this time, the president has fought ...

New York Times' War on 'Austerity...a Byword for Misery,' Moves Overseas

The European front of the New York Times' endless war on spending discipline made Saturday's front page: "Even [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel has tried of late to soften her image as the ...
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Business Insider Says Austerity Hurts Economy

Ignored part about president raising taxes on small businesses and everyone else.
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Really? New York Times Insists 'Austerity Is Already Here'

Writing on the looming sequestration, the Times' Binyamin Appelbaum insisted that an $85 billion reduction in the growth of federal spending this year was actually "austerity," and the Times ...
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NYT: Stevenson Bizarrely Hits U.S. 'Spending Cut' Obsession, Defends Moderate Obama from 'Extreme' Conservatives

Richard Stevenson was dismissive of "the conservative mantra that nearly all problems can be traced back to excess government" and criticized Obama's "more extreme conservative critics" for ...
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NBC's Lauer Urges UK Prime Minister to Hit Romney Over Olympic Comments

In an unaired portion of an interview with British Prime Minister David Cameron meant to be featured on Friday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer pressed Cameron to compare the London Olympics ...
Jim Cramer

Greece Heads for Default, Despite Media Predictions It Wouldn’t

Jim Cramer and other media analysts predicted default wouldn’t be necessary thanks to government bailouts.

Times Tanks Ireland's 'Austerity'-Based Recovery: It 'Looks to be Short-lived'

No room for optimism for reporter Liz Alderman in Ireland: "But the effects of austerity have pummeled Ireland's fragile economy, leaving scars that are likely to take years to heal. Nearly 40,000 ...
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