Winners and Losers of 2007

A look at some of the entertainment triumphs and tragedies of 2007.

Will Barry Bonds Get Off the Low Road?

Will the slugger do what's best for baseball and for the nation, and accept responsibility for what he's done? Or will he continue his selfish, feeble effort to protect himself?


Barry Bonds is responsible for cheating his fans, his fellow players, and himself.

Murdoch Purchase of Journal Is about Stocks not Bonds

News Corp. purchase of Dow Jones shows owner is savvier than competition or critics.

The Gentleman and the Juicer

Cal Ripken Jr. is a striking contrast to Barry Bonds.

Mommy, Where are the Heroes?

Tuesday was a sad day for sports fans.


Irresponsible steroid use by pro athletes leads to invasive Texas law.
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