NBC's Brian Williams Knocks 'Hatred,' 'Venom' in Health Care Fight, Touts Objectivity

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams appeared on the BBC podcast Americana on Sunday and asserted that "hatred" and "venom" were part of the health care debate. He then hyperbolically claimed, ...

Koppel: Obama 'Psyched Into' Overreacting to Undie Bomber by 'Yapping' Media

Thursday night on BBC's World News America, Ted Koppel insisted President Obama's first (non)reaction to the attempted bombing of a U.S. airline on Christmas Day "was the right one," but media ...

Scarborough: Rahm Fired as White House Chief of Staff 'Over the Next Year'

MSNBC host explains to BBC Radio 4 how anti-lobbyist tack has backfired on Obama administration.

The Great Newspaper Bailout

Liberals, politicians, journalists want Uncle Sam to save news with your tax dollars

Andy Williams Inverts Rush Limbaugh: Barack Obama 'Wants the Country to Fail'

President Obama "wants the country to fail," legendary singer Andy Williams declared in flipping Rush Limbaugh's hope Obama "fails" in his quest to enact left-wing policies. Williams: "I think he ...

Koppel: 'Enhanced Interrogation' Like 'Rape Is Enhanced Seduction'

Former ABC News anchor Ted Koppel took to BBC's World News America newscast on Monday night to denounce former Vice President Dick Cheney as Koppel declared U.S. policy should be that "torture is ...

Another Twisted Christmas

Red Bull commandeers the Nativity for a commercial, and the BBC corrupts the Nativity into a politically correct pop concert.

"What the Bush Administration Calls the War on Terror"

Does Anita Gates believe there's a terror threat?
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