NYT Set Up Obama's Speech by Pitting 'Unyielding' Netanyahu vs. 'Reasonable' Palestinians

From the Times' lead story: "Diplomatic momentum has been with the Palestinians for several years, with their leadership and requests viewed as reasonable and Mr. Netanyahu as unyielding....the ...

CBS's Couric to Netanyahu: 'Should You Be More Strongly Advocating' on Obama's Behalf?

In an interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday, CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric noted President Obama's unpopularity in Israel and pressed Netanyahu to remedy ...

ABC's George Stephanopoulos Hectors Netanyahu, Saddles Israel With Responsibility for Peace

Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos on Wednesday repeatedly berated Benjamin Netanyahu as to what the Israeli Prime Minister will do for the peace process. Focusing almost entirely on ...

Glossing Over Real Issues of Nazi-Era Enthusiast Working for Anti-Israel Group

Human Rights Watch staffer Marc Garlasco, author of many reports hostile to Israel, was suspended after revelations he is an avid collector of Nazi memorabilia. The Times portrays Garlasco as a ...

Israel "Finally" Coming Around "Grudgingly" to Palestinian State

Israel not giving in to demands for Palestinian statehood quick enough for Times reporter Isabel Kershner.

Roger Cohen Praises Iran's Resiliency, Accuses Israel of Lying About Threat

Columnist Roger Cohen (pictured) continues his defense of Iran, accusing the Israelis of "crying wolf" over Iran's nuclear threat.

Times Again Reveals Its Political Stripes in Israel Coverage

NYT Executive Editor Bill Keller warned last week that the use of terms like "right-wing" when reporting on Israel could indicate a slanted report. So why does the phrase keep cropping up on its ...

"Hardline," "Far-Right-Wing Government" on Rise in Israel

Isabel Kershner takes the political temperature in Jerusalem after the incursion into Gaza, and seems displeased with the results.

Jewish Settlers on a "Rampage"

The Times doesn't much like right-wingers in Israel, either, applying a double standard to Jewish protestors and Palestinian ones.
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