Times Employs Same Loaded 'Big Oil' Terminology as Liberal Democrats

A tale of two labels. Two Carl Hulse stories have featured the perjorative phrase "Big Oil" in their headlines; yet Hulse previously criticized the GOP for using the allegedly misleading phrase ...

Times Ignores Chief Climate Scientist's Scientific Stalinism

After devoting a long story to his upcoming testimony before Congress, the Times' print edition ignored climate scientist James Hansen's call for oil executives to be put on trial for "high crimes ...

'Big Oil' Faces 'the Same Game Plan that Brought Down Big Tobacco'

Lawyer that sued the tobacco industry in the 1990s now suing energy industry for causing climate change, according to Atlantic Monthly.

Network Morning Shows Celebrate 'April Fuel's Day' Bashing 'Big Oil'

Journalists draw parallels between higher gas prices and tax breaks for oil companies on day of congressional hearing.
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