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ABC Celebrates Earth Day By Pushing Carbon Taxes, Touting Anti-Keystone 'Agitator'

Nightline co-anchor Bill Weir on Tuesday belatedly celebrated Earth Day by touting a left-wing environmentalist who is pushing for new carbon taxes and opposing the construction of the Keystone ...
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Scientists Not Alarmist Enough, NYT's Gillis Pushes Poll Showing Public Thinks 'Weather Extremes' Mean Climate Change

Since scientists are not sufficiently alarmist about so-called extreme weather for New York Times's apocalyptic climate reporter Justin Gillis, he is now promoting now surveysto make the case for ...

Eco-Fanatic Urges Grinchlike Christmas

Global warming author Bill McKibben suggests 'no one' likes Christmas anymore; urges giving kisses and back rubs instead of 'stuff.'
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