Like Obama, Bill Clinton Also Idolized on Time Covers, But Not GOP Presidents

How unusual is it for a new President to be featured seven times on Time's cover, as Barack Obama has been (with Michelle Obama snagging her own solo appearance)? A look back finds Bill Clinton ...

Former Clinton Aide Stephanopoulos: Dems Have a Harder Time Surviving Sex Scandals

Former Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos appeared on Thursday's Good Morning America to bizarrely assert that Democrats have a harder times surviving sex scandals than Republicans. While ...

Gary Locke's "Scandal-Free Resume"?

Columnist Michelle Malkin accuses reporter William Yardley of whitewashing the Clinton-era campaign finance controversies of Gary Locke, Obama's pick for Commerce Secretary.

Bill Clinton Fears 'Climate Will Crater and We Won't Be Able To Preserve Civilization'

Former president cautions 'Today' viewers economic and terrorism crises are short-term and climate is real long-term threat.

After Being Dead Wrong the First Time, DeParle Hits Welfare Reform Again

Veteran reporter Jason DeParle criticizes welfare reform on Monday's front page, but has opposed it from the start: In 1996 he accused Bill Clinton of "seeking re-election with a bill that ...

GOP More to Blame for Partisanship

Mark Leibovich's story on the history of Washington partisanship failed to mention the left's attacks on Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas, while hinting that Republicans might shoulder a bigger ...

Did "Hyperpartisan" Era Really Begin With Clinton's Impeachment?

Peter Baker's partisanship timeline conveniently ignores the unfair treatment by liberals of Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas.

The Myth of "Pragmatic" Clinton vs. "Incurious" George

Presenting Bill Clinton, the "pragmatic" president who pushed for overseas abortion funding and gays in the military.

Surprise: NYT Focuses on Eric Holder's Role in Marc Rich Pardon

Tuesday's front page has a cautionary tale on Obama's nominee for attorney general: "Mr. Holder's supporters portray him as having been a relatively uninvolved bystander caught in a Clinton-era ...

GOP Senator "Questioned the Patriotism" of Democrat Max Cleland?

The Times conintues to spread mythology about a 2002 campaign ad targeting former Sen. Max Cleland, Democrat of Georgia.
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