On Fox, Juan Williams Calls GOP Presidential Field 'Weak' and Insists Palin 'Can't Stand on the Intellectual Stage with Obama'

"This is such a weak field," Fox News analyst Juan Williams declared during a Fox News Sunday look at potential 2012 GOP presidential candidates, prompting an appalled Bill Kristol to mock: "Yeah, ...

Nets Catch Up with Van Jones, Sure 'Sour Note' in 'Summer Squall' Won't 'Damage' Obama

It took Van Jones' resignation, around midnight Saturday night on a holiday weekend, for ABC and NBC to mention him for the first time in Sunday morning news shows which broached, but failed to ...

Cheap Shots: Bill Keller Takes on O'Reilly, Coulter, and Kristol

While taking questions from readers online, Executive Editor Bill Keller took on conservatives Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter and even just-released columnist Bill Kristol. On O'Reilly: "He's really ...

Did Bill Kristol Jump Or Was He Pushed?

Conservative writer Bill Kristol has filed his last column for the Times, ending a year as the lone voice of conservatism on the Times' op-ed page.

Dobbs vs. Kudlow: CNN Host Trashes Rival's Presence at Obama Dinner

'Lou Dobbs Tonight' host bases criticism on old quotes; Dem. Strategist says Kudlow only belonged as the hired help.

The "Tolerant" Left Spews on Bill Kristol, the Times' Newest Columnist

Bill Kristol gets a Times column: Watch the left-wing blogosphere go nuts.
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