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From 2009 to 2014, Networks Have Saluted Obama on His Special Day: 'Happy Birthday, Mr. President'

From 2009 to 2014, every year of Barack Obama's presidency, the networks have observed his birthday, often wishing him a special day. A graphic for CBS This Morning on Monday touted, "Happy ...
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Obama Party Guest Al Roker: 'I Got to Boogie With the First Lady!'

Calling in to Monday's NBC Today, weatherman Al Roker was giddy as he told his fellow co-hosts about attending Michelle Obama's White House birthday party: " was literally a house party. It ...
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Infatuated NBC Cheers 'Big Bash' for Michelle Obama 'Dancing Into Her Fifties'

On Thursday and Friday, NBC's Today provided viewers with gushing over-the-top coverage of First Lady Michelle Obama turning fifty, with White House correspondent Kristen Welker excitedly ...

Harry Smith Makes His NBC News Debut With a Birthday Love Letter to Obama

At the end of Thursday's NBC Nightly News, correspondent Harry Smith, formerly of CBS, made his first appearance on the network with a fawning birthday message to President Obama: "Happy birthday, ...

Happy Birthday: Obama Gives Himself 3,200 Reasons to Celebrate

President talks 39 times more about himself than he does the debt.

16,000 Birthday Wishes from Obama to His Favorite Person ... Obama

President's speeches show he puts the 'I' in narcissist, but media don't seem to notice.

CBS and ABC Wish Obama Happy Birthday: Still 'Full of Energy,' But Feeling 'Weight of the Presidency'

Playing Stevie Wonder's version of 'Happy Birthday' at the end of Wednesday's CBS Early Show, co-host Erica Hill reported: "The Obamas, of course, big Stevie Wonder fans. And President Obama, 49 ...

Lincoln in Lavender

CBS fuels one-sided gay myth about America's 16th president

Britney's Booty Shakes Up ABC's Morning News

Good Morning America dedicates 45 salacious minutes to the Pop Princess's comeback.
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