Flashback: Ted Turner Dismissed Threat of Brutal Kim Jong Il: 'Didn't Look' Evil

Will the death of despotic dictator Kim Jong Il lead to less pandering and naive reporting on North Korea? Not if the past is any indicator. On September 19, 2005, CNN founder Ted Turner appeared ...

ABC's Bob Woodruff Touts 'Amazing' Union Protests, Downplays Other Side

In a segment totaling just two and a half minutes on Monday, Good Morning America's Bob Woodruff managed to feature eight clips of pro-union protesters in Wisconsin and only two supporting Scott ...

Bob Woodruff's Hard-Hitting Expose of North Korea: New Dictator Likes Michael Jordan

Granted exclusive access to North Korea, Good Morning America's Bob Woodruff informed viewers that the incoming leader, Kim Jong Un, is "said to be a fan of basketball star Michael Jordan."

ABC Devotes Over 60 Minutes to John Edwards, Avoids Labeling Him a Democrat

Since Friday, ABC has devoted 60 minutes to interviews covering the most salacious details of John Edwards' sex scandal. Yet, the network's anchors have refrained from referring to him as a ...

Nets Panic: Clock at Zero in 'Life and Death' Effort to Avoid 'Global Catastrophe'

"Facing a clock some say has ticked down to zero, today 192 nations came together to take on a potential global catastrophe," a dire ABC reporter Bob Woodruff ominously intoned from Copenhagen on ...

ABC Hits Reverse Discrimination Case From Left; CBS Skips It Entirely

Following up on Monday's Supreme Court ruling in favor of white and Hispanic firefighters denied promotion after no black applicants passed an exam, ABC's Bob Woodruff on Tuesday approached the ...

ABC Turns to Doomsday Propaganda to Push Global Warming Solutions

Network spends two hours predicting future, promoting Obama and left-wing climate ideas or mankind doomed to new 'dark ages.'

ABC Global Warming Special Makes Up Future, But It's Not 'Sci-Fi'

'Good Morning America' promotes going green and 'a different kind of journalism.'

Edwards Affair Rules the News Cycle for Three Days

After weeks of ignoring the story, networks can't stop talking about it.
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