Times Takes 'Far Right' Angle on G.O.P. Senate Candidate from Nevada

Plus: A Classic Campaign Gaffe by Fiorina - But Silence on Dem Calling Whitman a Nazi

CNN Airs Gushing Two-Part Report on 'Powerhouse' Anti-Prop 8 Lawyers

CNN senior political analyst Gloria Borger returned to her roots as a slanted journalist on Wednesday's Newsroom with a glowing two-part report on Ted Olson and David Boies, the former rivals in ...

Nets Skip Democratic Rep's Street Scuffle; ABC Pounced on Fiorina's Catty Hair Crack

None of the three broadcast evening newscasts had even a few seconds last night for video of Democrat Bob Etheridge physically grabbing an unidentified student attempting to ask him a question. ...

Times Jumps on Fiorina's 'Classic Campaign Gaffe' That 'Could Haunt Her Throughout the Campaign'

Jennifer Steinhauer does her best to pump up into a scandal an open-mic gaffe by California Republican Senate primary winner Carly Fiorina.

Feminist Columnist Reacts to GOP Women Winning in California By Whining About Campaign Finance Reform

Not a word about female progress in GOP politics after Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina advanced in California primary elections for governor and senator. Instead, a sour lecture on campaign finance ...

ABC Gives Jerry Brown Platform to Declare Whitman Dangerous, 'Soul of California is at Stake'

ABC anchor Diane Sawyer greeted Meg Whitman's victory in California's Republican gubernatorial primary by forwarding Democrat Jerry Brown as the savior: "Jerry Brown told us today, he wants the ...

Nagourney Finds Yet More Reasons for GOP to Worry, This Time in California

Chief political reporter Adam Nagourney moves to the West Coast but remembered to pack his bias, finding the bad side of California Republican Party candidates being on the strong side of a ...

CBS's '60 Minutes' Highlights Illegal Immigrant 'Carnage' in All-American Canal

In wake of Arizona's new immigration law, CBS 60 Minutes anchor Scott Pelley fretted over illegal immigrants entering the United States by swimming across California's All-American Canal: "a ...

ABC, CBS, NBC Join Obama's Attack on Insurance Companies

Broadcast news programs blast excessive and 'arbitrary' rate hikes, stack guests against Anthem and WellPoint.

Stossel Exposes Cali's Lavish Public Sector Pensions

Fox Business host examines large part of state'current financial woes.
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