South Carolina, Home of Dark (Unsubstantiated) 'Undercurrents' of Politics

Welcome to South Carolina, "a place famous for surfacing the dark undercurrents of American politics," says campaign reporter Jim Rutenberg. But is there any evidence for his claims of a racially ...

Alessandra Stanley: "Legendarily Dense" GOP Official Katherine Harris

"Laura Dern is mesmerizing as Ms. Harris, the legendarily dense public official who also helped organize George W. Bush's Florida election campaign."

Joe Lieberman's "Lurch to the Right"?

A strangely hostile John Broder claims Lieberman "could become the first person to lose the vice presidency on both major party tickets."

Times Sad Supreme Court Didn't Do "The Right Thing" in 2000 and Usher in Gore

Times wishes "Supreme Court had done the right thing and ruled for Al Gore" in 2000. But the Times' own reporting showed that Bush would have won the statewide manual recount requested by Gore.

Can Ralph Nader Be Forgiven?

Reporter Robin Finn mentions Ralph Nader's "devastating feud with the Democratic Party." But devastating for who?
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