CNN's Velshi Bashes Ethics of U.S. Chamber of Commerce with Left-Wing Talking Points

Anchor alleges pro-business organization's political activities are unethical.

Double Standards on Dueling Campaign Ads: Katharine Seelye Calls Kristol a Neocon

Katharine Seelye dubiously defends CAIR, while painting Bill Kristol as a neocon puppetmaster whose anti-Sestak ad "serves as a shot across the bow to candidates in other states whom Mr. Kristol ...

Obama's Tax Ad Distorts Heritage Foundation Analysis

Conservative organization insists Democrat's campaign pull misleading TV spot meant as 'intentional attempt to mislead and misinform voters.'

An Incomplete on Grading Anti-McCain Ads

Julie Bosman trumps up McCain's "Keating Five" involvement and fails to fully question the "rape kit" story.

Times Goes After Obama's "Misleading Attacks" on McCain

Rectifying the paper's pro-Obama tilt, the Times takes Obama to task in a front-page story on his campaign's misleading ads.

McCain Loses Civility, Spews "Inaccurate," "Misleading" Attacks on Obama

Reporter Jim Rutenberg frets over McCain's harsh attacks: "The intensity of the recent drive - which has included some assertions from the McCain campaign that have been widely dismissed as ...
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