In Pipeline Battle, Left Hypes Climate Threat Ignores Need for Jobs, Oil

Lefty media outlets attack Keystone XL project with climate alarmism, 'absurd' economic claims.

Networks Ignore Story of Canadian Baby Saved from Government-Run Health Care

The network newscasts and morning shows have thus far ignored the story of Joseph Maraachli, a Canadian baby who was set to have his life support removed. Only Fox News has covered the dramatic ...

Fire and Ice

Journalists have warned of climate change for 100 years, but cant decide weather we face an ice age or warming

NBC News: Oh Canada, We See So Many Upsides in Your Single-Payer Health Care

'Nightly News' finds time on broadcast to praise the benefits of the Canadian health care system while in Vancouver for Olympics.

Timothy Egan Goes to Olympics, Praises Canadian Care, Smears 'Heartless' Health Insurers

Former liberal reporter turned NYT blogger Timothy Egan blogs praise on Canada's health care system and smears U.S. health insurers: "They have universal health care, and while the system prompts ...

NBC Showcases Martin Short Championing How Being 'Progressive' Makes Canada 'Very Hip'

People around the world view Canada as "very hip" because of its "progressive" health care and environmental policies, actor/impersonator Martin Short contended in a soundbite featured in a ...

Left-Wing Columnist Heather Mallick's "Humor": Comparing Palin to Porn Actress

Times reporter Ian Austen might want to get his sense of humor checked.

Times Lauds Play's "Vigorous Defense of Gay marriage"

Hyping a new gay play, the Times lets two performers accuse a politician of inciting anti-gay violence.

Mark Steyn's Canadian "Hate Speech" Trial Makes Front Page

But what does the Times really think about the journalism of Mark Steyn (pictured)?

Econ 101: What Does a Falling Dollar Mean?

What changes our exchange rate, and should we worry about it? BMI adviser Gary Wolfram explains.
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