NYT Headline Sees 'Boost for White House' in Latest Job Figure, But; WP Noted 'Many Quit Seeking Work'

Catherine Rampell on the latest underwhelming employment figures: "That looks like good news for President Obama as he heads into the 2012 presidential election - especially since just a few ...

The GOP vs. Public Opinion on the Necessity of Tax Hikes

Economics reporter Catherine Rampell traces the GOP's stubborn refusal to raise taxes back to the 1970s and the Laffer Curve.

Rampell Wonders Where the Left-Wing Outrage Is Among Unemployed

Economics reporter Catherine Rampell: "And where, if anywhere, is the outrage?...Unlike the hard-pressed in, say, Greece or Spain, the jobless in America seem, well, subdued. The old fire has gone ...

Times Laments How 'One Little Word' Is Depriving Arizona Jobless of Federal Benefits

Catherine Rampell defends extra federal spending on unemployment benefits on the front page: "One word, just one little word. That's all that Frank Ballesteros, a 62-year-old desperate for work, ...

Wealthy Americans Don't Actually Earn Their Money, Merely 'Receive' or 'Claim' It?

Do wealthy person in America "earn" their money, or is just "claimed" or "received" by them? Catherine Rampell reports: "most of the income gains over the last few decades have gone to the very ...

Unemployment Below 9 Percent 'Bolsters Recovery Hopes' in 2011, But Little 'Consolation' in 1983

New York Times very downbeat in Reagan's day, despite much bigger monthly drop in jobless rate than February 2011.

Ho Hum: NYT Strangely Sanguine About Job Loss During Obama Administration

A long front-page article about how some jobs aren't coming back doesn't even mention Obama's name. Did the Times cover unemployment under Reagan and Bush in similar fashion? Hardly.

Paul Krugman, Respected Economist Turned Left-Wing Hack, Wins Nobel Prize

In honor of his Nobel, here are some of Bush-bashing columnist Paul Krugman's greatest misses, including: "I predict that in the years ahead Enron, not Sept. 11, will come to be seen as the ...
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