CBS's Early Show Touts Obama's 'Olive Branch' to Business, Ignores Administration's Expansion of Regulation

At the top of Tuesday's CBS Early Show, co-host Erica Hill cheered President Obama's supposedly pro-business move of speaking at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Monday: "Obama's olive branch. The ...

The Top 10 Economic Myths of 2010

Journalists' tall tales included praising GM for 'keeping faith' with taxpayers, comparing soda to cocaine, and attacking the Chamber of Commerce over baseless 'foreign money' claims.

Lead Story Goes After Fundraising of Obama Foe, the Chamber of Commerce

The Times leads with more scary wealthy anonymous Republican donors giving to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which the Obama administration has made its latest Public Enemy No. 1#: "The annual tax ...

Media Expand Left-Wing Attack on Chamber of Commerce over 'Foreign' Contributions

MSNBC, other news outlets accept unproven claims of progressive blog against U.S. business group as election nears.

Overlooked: Obama to Speak at U.S. Chamber-Sponsored 'Business Summit' in Mumbai

President scheduled to speak at U.S.-India Business Council event in November after midterm elections.

Bozell Column: Obama, Now Bashing Foreigners

Obama's now stooped to accusing the U.S. Chamber of Commerce of being a tool of foreign operatives. He doesn't produce any evidence to make the charge; but since when has this stopped him?

Hume Questions Undisclosed '08 Obama Donors in Light of W.H.'s Chamber Witch Hunt

Despite willingness to attack U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Obama still has unanswered questions about his campaign donors.

Obama's Chamber of Commerce Attack Falls Flat at the New York Times

Two reporters file separate stories dismissing the import of a left-wing attack on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for allegedly allowing foreign money to be used in U.S. elections, with one ...

Hypocrisy? CNBC Shows More 'Foreign-Connected' Money Goes to Dems by a 'Healthy Margin'

Foreign subsidiaries of U.S. companies give more to Democrats through political action committees.

Obama Signs Business-Hurting, Tax Pledge-Breaking Health Care Bill into Law

In month leading to bill's passage, network evening shows failed to expose job-threatening tax increases or remind viewers of president's 'firm' promise to taxpayers.
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